Construction Project Coordinator (Entry-Level)

Klover SEPA Inc. Quakertown, PA $18.00 to $22.00 per hour

I. General Summary of Position

The Project Coordinator (PC) exists to be the on-site KLOVER, Inc. representative ultimately responsible to provide support to the Superintendent, Foreman, and/or Site Leaders (SL), assist when needed so that the Company is able to meet each project’s contractual obligations and customer expectations, while assisting to implement, follow, all KLOVER policies, procedures, and initiatives to ensure everyone assigned to the project is doing the same work every day and ensuring quality and production standards are met.

II. Essential (Core Competencies) Duties

1. Safety

PC is required to walk their assigned project job site(s) at least 3 times daily to specifically look for possible safety and compliance issues. Maintaining a safe workplace 100% of the time is a Strategic Initiative of KLOVER, Inc. If any concerns are found, the PC should notify management immediately.

  • At times, the SL will delegate the responsibility for the correction and/or prevention to the PC. The PC is then required to manage the corrections to completion and report back, within the timeline established, once the task is completed.
  • If the SL is not able to delegate a possible corrective action to the PC, then the PC should keep the issue as a critical open item on their Project Open Items Log (POIL) and remind the SL hourly until it is resolved. Once resolved, the PC should update the Project Open Item Log with the notes of how the issue was corrected and the date/time corrected.
  • If PC believes the safety concern is not being handled in a timely and/or proper fashion the PC should notify the Project Manager immediately.

2. Site Leader Check-List

  • Meet SL at each of the seven required times for the SLCL required action item and assist in performing any of the required items associated with each of the seven points.
  • Keep a record of any required actions that were identified during the completion of each item on the POIL.
  • Include urgency and timing of each required resolution.
  • If the resolution of the item can be delegated to the PC the PC should take care of it and communicate its completion the SL.
  • If the item cannot be delegated to the PC the PC should remind the SL often enough and at the appropriate intervals to ensure the SL can complete the item before the project requires its completion.
  • PC should assist the SL in preparing for the next day’s morning huddle.
  • Cards should be made up for each employee or team to be reviewed during the huddle.
  • The front of the cards should have the days expected tasks including work areas and target productions.
  • It should also list any tools and equipment that needed to complete tasks.
  • The back of the card should list all materials needed to complete the tasks with associated quantities.

3. Field Documentation

  • Know and utilize proper Company documentation and forms including Additional Work Directives; Change Orders; Request for Information (RFI); Injury Reports; etc. It is the responsibility of the PC to help the SL to ensure you have the proper paperwork and forms required to perform the project work.
  • PC should facilitate the completion of any jobsite specific documentation required by the project including, but not limited to, hot work permits, ladder permits, daily reports, etc.

4. Document Control

  • Assist the SL in ensuring that we are using the most current documents for the project.
  • Keep drawings, SK’s, PO’s, RFI’s and all such documentation neat and organized in binders and/or files so that they are easily accessed when needed.
  • Any outdated information should be clearly marked as such.

5. Material Procurement

  • Assist the SL in material takeoffs.
  • Write PO’s for needed materials.
  • Send scan, copy, or picture of PO to vendors.
  • Contact Office (in writing) for any needed shop stock and arrange delivery.
  • Coordinate the vendors material deliveries dates and times.
  • Coordinate the logistics of each delivery with the SL & GC including the delivery time and any potential restrictions to time, size, or weight, the delivery entrance, and truck parking during the delivery.

6. Subcontractor Management

  • Ensure that the Subcontractor Daily reports are completed accuracy daily.
  • Send a scan, copy, or picture of the Subcontractor Daily Report to PM and AP.
  • Manage KLOVER supplied tools and/or equipment.
  • Ensure that any tools being borrowed by the Subcontractors are being signed out when needed and signed back in at the end of the workday.

7. Scheduling

  • Assist the SL in keeping an accurate Two Day, One Week, & Two Week look ahead schedules.
  • Send a scan, copy, or picture of any updated schedules to the PM.

8. Project Open Issues List (POIL)

  • Review POIL line by line with the SL a minimum of twice a day – ideally in the morning and again in the afternoon.
  • Insure timely resolution of all open items.

Marginal Functions:

  • Assist SL in organizing, maintaining, and controlling project files to ensure they are current and easily accessible
  • Maintain all tracking logs and ensure they are up to date (i.e. Rental equipment log, submittal log, close-out log, long lead-time log
  • Collect and maintain toolbox talks
  • Perform on-site carpentry tasks as per the direction of the SL (on non-prevailing wage projects only)
  • Special projects as needed by field or project management leadership.

III. Qualifications

Required Education and Experience:

  • High School Diploma
  • 1+ years’ experience with construction administration performed on-site.
  • 2+ years’ experience in the commercial construction field.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Basic ability to read and interpret blueprints and shop drawings.

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Associates Degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or other related concentration
  • 2+ years’ experience in on-site construction administration with a construction subcontractor
  • 1+ years’ experience or training in the carpentry trade
  • 1+ years’ experience with On-Screen Takeoff and Quickbid

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent intuition
  • The ability to resolve interpersonal or customer conflicts for WIN/WIN solutions.
  • The ability to demonstrate concern for meeting internal and external customer needs in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer within the resources that can be made available.
  • The ability to handle sensitive situations.
  • The ability to successfully adapt (personally & professionally) to changes in the internal and external environment.
  • The ability to build a relationship with another person or group through effective communication skills (listening, speaking & behaving).
  • The ability to balance multiple priorities simultaneously.
  • The ability to convey thoughts and express ideas effectively using speech in individual or group situations and attends to and fully comprehends what others are saying.
  • The ability to show initiative & confidence in actions on the job and take responsibility for personal actions.
  • The ability to proactively define & resolve problems before they become an issue and identifying & resolving identified problems for optimum results.
  • The ability to evaluate, select and act on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives before being asked or required to do so.
  • The ability to manage one's internal states, impulses and resources.
  • The ability to willingly cooperate and work collaboratively toward solutions that generally benefit all involved parties and accomplish group objectives.
  • The ability to use clear & succinct written communication in the execution of this position to effectively transmit data, instructions, processes, procedures, etc.

IV. Work Environment

Project Coordinators work indoors and outdoors on many types of construction projects, with varying degrees of exposure to the elements, although some time is spent in a climate-controlled job site trailer. This may include extreme heat (>85 degrees for longer than one hour of exposure), extreme cold (<32 degrees for longer than one hour of exposure), excessive humidity and noise. Some hazards may be present such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, electrical current, toxic/caustic chemicals, and slippery/uneven walking surfaces.

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