Clinic Coordinator - Full Time


Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC, is one of the leading networks of outpatient Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) in the United States. We employ over 700 people and are growing rapidly. Our goal is to support the successful recovery of our patients and improve the quality of their lives. We provide evidence-based comprehensive treatment services incorporating multidisciplinary modalities. We promote the highest standard of patient care in the treatment of substance use disorder and related medical, psychological and socio-economic conditions. We pursue excellence, integrity& commitment to the provision of effective patient care.

Job Description:

1. Assist the clinic manager with the day-to-day operations of the clinic, as it relates to the patients, staff members and the facility.
2. Maintain professional relationships with patients based on mutual trust and respect and in accordance to the provisions of the Aegis Code of Ethics, and Patient Bill of Rights.
3. Observe the proper chain of command by following instructions from and reporting to the Clinic Manager.
4. Report inappropriate behavior and misconduct of other staff members to the Clinic Manager, Corporate Compliance Officer, Corporate Counsel, and / or Corporate Directors as appropriate according to the situation.
5. Assist the Clinic Manager with the training and supervision of clinic staff members, as detailed in the relevant training curriculums and literature.

6. Provide subordinate staff members with direction and feedback in full detail and on a regular ongoing basis. When necessary document such interactions to allow the Clinic Manager to hold the staff member accountable.
7. Assist the Clinic Manager with the oversight of the front office staff and activities, especially as it relates to customer service, scheduling of patients, collection of fees, handling of funds, verification of eligibility, processing of billing, data entry (e.g., Cal OMS), etc.
8. Assist the Clinic Manager with the oversight of the back office and lab staff and activities, especially as it relates to admissions / intakes of patients, medical examinations, discharges, completion of documentation (e.g., super bills, etc.), handling of UA screening, blood-work, and BAs.
9. Assist the Clinic Manager with the oversight of the dispensary and management of medication inventory, especially as it relates to daily / monthly / annual reconciliations of medications, the ordering and dispensing of medication, handling of take homes, handling of returned medication, and courtesy doses.
10. Assist the Clinic Manager with the oversight of counselors and clinical services, especially as it relates to assignment of patients and adjustment of caseloads, review of patient documentation (for compliance and accuracy), review of PHASE reports (e.g., UA, etc.) and the implementation of Clinical Risk Management and Relapse Prevention policies, participation in case conferences, peer reviews and fair hearings, implementation of clinical training and medical lectures.
11. Assist the Clinic Manager with HR management, especially as it relates to the California Labor code, time tracking and attendance, employee relations, processing of compensation and benefits, performance reviews, reviews of licensure and certification, correction action plans, disciplinary actions, bonuses, as well as attending staff meetings.
12. Assist the Clinic Manager with efforts to improve customer services, especially as it relates to the
development of a local PAAG, Keys to Recovery support groups, handling of financial aid requests, etc.
13. Assist the Clinic Manager with the community relations and outreach related activities, especially as it relates to attendance of providers meetings, conducting of presentations and open houses, meetings with local government and providers, etc.
14. Assist the Clinic Manager with the maintenance of the clinic and management of the facility, especially as it relates to compliance with Cal OSHA, daily inspections of the facility, removal of all obstacles or hazards, conducting of mandatory audits, inspections, drills and training of staff, oversight of utility and services contractors (e.g., landscaping, janitorial).
15. Assist the Clinic Manager with the development of clinic annual and quarterly plans for performance
improvement, as well as annual budgets. Participate with the Clinic Manager with their discussions with Department Directors regarding the clinic’s goals and objectives. In addition, assist the Clinic Manager with the implementation of the plan, as well as follow-up, progress reports, and outcome measuring.

Position Requirements:

1. Possess a degree, license, certification or equivalent clinical experience and training appropriate for below-mentioned requirements and responsibilities. Must have no history of licensure revocation.
2. Have management experience, and/or management and supervisory skills, preferably in the Drug Rehabilitation and/or Behavioral/Mental Health fields. Such skills should include:
a. Good social skills, communication skills, professional demeanor, and leadership.
b. Good organization skills (e.g., follow-up and follow-through, and time management).
c. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.
3. Reliable transportation arrangements.

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