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What is our story?

TEALEAVES is the brand of choice for five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide and evolving into an iconic, immersive consumer brand.

With a mission to use tea as a vessel to blend ingredients, people, and ideas together for a better world - TEALEAVES works beyond the teacup on social impact projects that lead to global solutions.

We are a diverse collective of design-centric colleagues intent on making a difference - working on intractable problems ranging from biodiversity loss to inclusive design.

Beyond “CSR” - Towards Real Impact

Discover how we have committed to our mission through our pro-bono projects with advocates, academics and non-profits::

  • Nature x Design Virtual Festival featuring our friends at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft, The Outlaw Ocean, NSCAD, RISD, OCAD, Yale School for the Environment, Cornell, World Biodiversity Forum. 

  • In Good Taste Documentary on Positive Behavior Change Design with UN’s FAO, John Hopkins School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Yale, Cornell. 

Graduate School Prep Program

This rigorous position is designed for highly ambitious Associates who have the demonstrated potential and commitment to apply to ‘Global Top 10’ graduate school programs.  TEALEAVES Mentors (primarily J.D. and MBA alums) provide on-going training and strategic support to help guide Associates, particularly in Year 4 and Year 5.

Throughout the 48+ month program, Associates will see their Role Description dynamically change to ensure their Resume and work experience provide the optimal opportunity for acceptance.  This requires Associates to be agile - to embrace significant iterations in their Role Description consonant with their future academic studies.

What can I expect as TEALEAVES alumni?

Through your experience at TEALEAVES, you will have the preparation, skills, and network necessary to pursue a MBA, J.D. or a career in consulting, tech or brand / product management.  Our Associates are smart, creative and most importantly, keen to change the world for the better.  These colleagues and our collaboration partners will bolster your network and provide you with meaningful, valuable relationships over the decades to come - with reach into a plethora of prestigious institutions.

Role Description

Abstract:  Rotational positions start in Operations or Supply Chain and then morph into Project Management in the first 18 months.  At 24 months, Associates branch off into either Marketing / Brand or Business Development.  This position allows Associates to experience a divergence of projects, tasks and responsibilities within a structured 48+ month planned program.  

Role Descriptions are designed to be dynamic and evolve based on the corporate strategy, short-term goals and alignment with the Associate’s attributes.

0 to 48 month Key Functions (as an example):

  • Collaboratively initiate, design and drive deliverables of Short-term Strategy (Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management, SOP and Business Objective-centric workflows), including enacting policies, practices, and approaches to further effectiveness, efficiency and environmental sustainability of operations.

  • Collaborate with Leads and Managers of Brand, B2C and Digital Commerce departments in an ongoing assessment to measure, track and analyze the outcomes of Operation departmental plans, facilitating data-centric, agile iterations.

  • Research, adapt and implement Technology Solutions (incorporating new Apps into our Tech Stack: Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SaaS, Wrike, Slack, Tableau, BI, Shopify, Google Analytics, AI-powered solutions).

  • Initiate and lead investigation and Root Cause Analysis of product and service gaps to evaluate, recommend and implement operational advances to processes.

  • Own and drive the design and activation of performance and project management matrixes and implement process improvement plans within new product development and e-commerce operations.

  • Short-term Strategy (Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management, and Business Objective-centric workflows)

    • Manage technical aspects of brand operations, including QA, AB testing, troubleshooting

    • Present and analyze campaign and product performance, including click and conversion rates and analytics to arrive at consumer insights and evolve strategies

    • Develop, refine and ensure adherence to scalable standard operational procedures (SOPs) for interdisciplinary teams

    • Design and engineer CX (Customer Journey) algorithms

  • Long-term Strategy  (iterating and innovating upon current workflow and SOPs to meet new dynamic business objectives)

    • Coordinate and implement strategic projects within Interdisciplinary Teams (akin to dynamic project management)

    • Create and lead reporting on marketing KPIs against strategic brand and revenue goals 

    • Ideate, develop, execute and analyze e-commerce strategic plans in conjunction with Creative, Film, Visual Design and Production teams

Soft Skills and Attributes

  • Appreciates the world of culinary and sustainable luxury brands

  • Analytical, curious

  • Engaging, courteous 

  • Creative conceptual thinker

  • Likes to work with interdisciplinary teams

  • Proactive and able to move projects forward, self-motivated in a fast-paced environment

  • Inclusive, appreciates diverse perspectives

  • Emotionally intelligent with high level of self-awareness, empathy and introspection

  • Kind

  • Cares about social impact


Strong work experience

High academic standing in any undergraduate discipline 

Commitment to apply to top graduate schools


Competitive base salary + annual performance bonus

Wellness, Extended Health, Dental Benefits

(more tea than you can possibly drink)

Start Date

Summer 2022


Vancouver (Westside), BC 

*note that the position may be virtual (work from home) pending Covid-19

Equity and Employment

TEALEAVES is committed to equity and to creating an inclusive workplace culture.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other factors prohibited by law.

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