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Job Analysis and Description

I.                   JOB SUMMARY

The JM Test Delivery Driver provides pickup and delivery service with the direction of the Fleet Logistics Coordinator and Fleet Logistics Manager. He or she performs a variety of tasks including but not limited to transporting, collecting, and staging goods and equipment as well as administering and managing paperwork related to transit of goods and services. The Delivery Driver acts as a liaison between customers and Logistics personnel, documenting and communicating customer requests, needs, and expectations. This position has the responsibility, with the guidance of management, to maintain vehicle repair and maintenance cycles and documentation. The position performs a primary support function and focuses on the effective (accurate and secure) and efficient (timely) movement and receipt of equipment and other goods.

II.                JOB RELATIONSHIPS 

Immediate Supervisor(s):  Corporate Fleet Logistics Manager

Workers Supervised:  None

Interrelationships:  The employee in the Delivery Driver position will work under the supervision and guidance of the Corporate Fleet Logistics Manager to support the department’s daily goals while executing specific job duties. He or she will have direct contact with vendors, customer, and immediate management to communicate operational needs and execute tasks.


Education:  High School diploma or equivalent. Driver trade schooling is highly desirable.   

Training and Experience Required:  Typically at least one year of industry-related experience in driving, warehousing and fleet operations is desirable for this position. Proficiency in utilizing current communication systems, and basic office machines is necessary. Valid minimum class E driver’s license is required; class D or CDL is preferred.

Knowledge Required:  Requires general knowledge, principles, and practices of warehousing and fleet operations, electronic support systems and procedures for documentation of work activities and products.

Other Qualifications and Abilities Required:  Should be organized and have excellent time management skills; able to perform job duties with only general guidance from management; able to interpret and explain relevant policies and procedures; communicate clearly and concisely in oral and written form; have excellent reasoning ability in addressing unplanned workplace events and making day-to-day decisions; and exhibit tact and diplomacy with fellow employees, vendors, and customers.  Must have the ability to acknowledge and display accountability for actions, expectations, and responsibilities, and to acknowledge and accept constructive criticism for growth and further development within the position.


Works primarily driving, following coordinated routes, speaking to customers and other personnel on a regular basis. Work involves extended periods of sitting while driving, writing, responding to electronic communication utilizing phone, GPS device and occasional use of computer and related objects (keyboard & mouse). Driving utilizing auditory and visual ability to control motor vehicle operation and hand/eye/foot coordination is required. Ability to hear and understand normal conversations in person and over the phone, and the ability to speak clearly. Physical movement includes lifting objects up to 50 lbs., bending, reaching, pulling, carrying, kneeling and turning, all within adherence and promotion of safety policies and actions. Personal Protective Equipment will be provided as necessary to perform daily functions. Frequent walking, stepping up and down, and into and out of vehicles and loading areas occur throughout the day. Work involves exposure to temperature changes and humidity as well as noise.


A.        Logistics Operations

  1. Participates in daily movement, staging, and transit of logistics-directed goods and equipment, working with other employees to prepare deliveries to customers.
  2. Utilizes telematics software for communication and execution of daily tasks according to internal procedures to assure accurate and up-to-date information is available to other employees supporting customer service.
  3. Ensures timely completion and performance of all required tasks and responsibilities within scope of making deliveries as described in the Driver Guidebook.
  4. Exhibits a clear understanding of all expectations, responsibilities, policies and procedures within scope of all job duties through the execution of those duties.
  5. Communicates any deviation from policies or procedures which directly affect daily operations within the department to the Logistics Manager in a timely and accurate manner.

B.        Supply Chain Operations

  1. Executes delivery services in an accurate and timely manner, assuring that all intended equipment and accompanying pieces of equipment are delivered and that efficient routes are followed to assure timely deliveries according to logistics priorities and to minimize fuel consumption.
  2. Checks all orders and related paperwork carefully to assure accuracy and completeness of deliveries and to avoid additional labor costs associated with “left behind” deliveries, notifying dispatch of any incomplete deliveries or pickups for rescheduling purposes.
  3. Understands customers’ needs, and services those needs to maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer’s key personnel.  
  4. Acts as liaison between customers and JMTS management personnel, directing all correspondence and communication to supervisor for subsequent actions.

C.        Fleet Operations

  1. Understands and communicates schedules and methods for obtaining vehicle maintenance and repair services to appropriate personnel, submitting information and repair records regarding vehicle service and maintenance in a timely and accurate manner.   
  2. Ensures appropriate vehicle license and insurance records are kept in the vehicle at all times and verifies that the documents are accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Reports all traffic violations, accidents and damage to the Logistics manager timely and straightforward manner.
  4. Maintains a neat, clean properly equipped vehicle.
  5. Maintains a professional appearance and wears appropriate PPE and related attire. 

D.        Risk Management

  1. Contributes to safety culture and supports safety program and initiatives by implementing and following procedures in accordance with company safety standards and protocols.
  2. Communicates safety equipment needs, including the need for replacing safety aid kits as needed and in a timely manner to the manager.
  3. Understand accident prevention initiatives and performs post-accident protocol when necessary.
  4. Communicates company values and goals, and displays excellent customer service in interactions with internal and external customers.        
  5. Complies with department policies and procedures.


JM Test Systems, Inc. is committed to diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The above Job Description is a written statement of facts describing the scope, responsibilities and organizational relationships of this position as it is today.  It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization. 


This job description is subject to change as JM Test Systems evolves, and in no way implies that this description includes all the duties associated with this position.  Job duties related to this position may be added/removed from the job description as needed. JM Test Systems, Inc. depends on their employees to assess their current positions and update their position description as duties change, responsibilities increase/decrease, technology improvements occur, or as a result of any other factors which may impact the success of such position.

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