Crew Assistant


Crew Assistant

Living Classrooms Foundation strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as "living classrooms."   

Living Classrooms Foundation leads a major community service and job-training initiative, Project SERVE (Service- Empowerment- Revitalization- Validation- Employment Training). SERVE provides on-the-job training for 150 unemployed and disadvantaged young adults per year in marketable skills while they revitalize Baltimore neighborhoods. Due to the growing number of ex-offenders returning to these neighborhoods, SERVE expanded to include a “re-entry” initiative. While still incarcerated, participants begin receiving “wrap around” services, and on the day of their release, they become full-time SERVE members. These re-entry participants now comprise most individuals enrolled in the program. The major goals of SERVE are to decrease the overall crime rate in Baltimore City by decreasing recidivism rates; positively impact communities with direct services; provide workforce development; increase education and service-learning opportunities; help keep city neighborhoods clean and safe by decreasing environmental hazards and risks to public safety and help provide housing renovations for low-income residents. Our staff provides ongoing support to aid individuals in adjusting and returning to the community. 


The Neighborhood Stabilization (NS) Crew Assistant is responsible for assisting the Crew Chief while out in the field cleaning, maintaining, and disposing of the debris of the listed properties that have been assigned to Project SERVE. They are responsible for demonstrating the proper use of all work equipment and aiding in instruction on all tools as it relates to the work being completed in the field.

The Crew Assistant is responsible for assisting Project SERVE members.  They will serve as a demonstration of professional behavior and communication with the public and work in partnership with the Crew Chief to assure proper tool and driving guidelines are met.


·       Inspects and ensures vehicle inspections are completed in the morning for the workday. and any issues are reported to the Crew Supervisor.

·       Drives Vehicle(s) to and from designated properties assigned daily.

·       Assists the Crew Chief in clearing designated properties

·       Requires the ability to be able to bend, stoop, kneel, pull, push, and lift all types of equipment and tools.

·       Ensures all equipment is inventoried and safely stored at the end of each shift

·       Promptly reports all accidents and incidents involving drivers and/or company equipment

·       Assists with ensuring Project SERVE members are in their uniforms and proper safety gear throughout each workday

·       Assists with fielding questions/concerns with surrounding neighbors, civilians, and community members (all questions outside of the range of knowledge of Crew Assistant, should be directed to the Crew Chief or the Crew Supervisor)

·       Arrives to work on time and ready to perform all job duties daily


1.     High School diploma or GED preferred.

2.     Must possess a valid Driver's license and clean driving record.

5.     Strong verbal and communication skills required. 

6.     Understanding and commitment to the application of professional and equitable practices. 

7.     Ability to foster a cooperative work environment. 

8.     Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships. 


1.     In fields with grass, vacant yards, alleys and lots.

2.     Work is done outdoors in all kinds of weather.

3.     The work can be repetitive and physically demanding, requiring frequent bending, lifting, and shoveling.

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