Chief Mate-Educator

Chief Mate/Educator - MILDRED BELLE

Job Description

The position of the Chief Mate is a crucial one, and the efficient completion of its responsibilities is essential for the smooth operation of MILDRED BELLE. The Chief Mate is second in command of the vessel. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1.       Support staff for the Captain of the M/V MILDRED BELLE

2.       Performing routine maintenance projects as directed by the Captain.

3.       Performing daily chores - making sure that duties are carried out properly and in a timely manner.

4.       Assisting in development and implementation of on-board education programs.

5.       Working with the program director to insure smooth program implementation.

6.       Provisioning and Providing for ship’s crew when in port and away and assisting with provisioning for overnight camping expeditions.

7.       Vessel security - Gate closed - Guests must ask permission before boarding and Captain must be notified of their arrival.

8.       Maintaining Passenger comfort and safety - making sure that they follow the rules and regulations of the ship as outlined by the Captain in the Safety Orientation and crew manuals.

9.       Making sure that work is performed in a safe manner.

10.   Staying on task and working constructively during shipboard education programs or maintenance periods and following through on tasks to completion.

11.   Being familiar with and observing STANDING ORDERS and the EMERGENCY STATION BILL as posted and described by the Captain.

12.   Knowing vessel systems, how they work, and being able to explain routines to others.  Also being able to effect repairs to vessel systems in case of breakdown.

13.   Assisting the Captain with vessel operation.   Opportunity will be given to develop these skills.

14.   Proper greeting of volunteers and making sure that they feel useful.

15.   Proper greeting of passengers and the general public showing the vessel, program, and the Living Classrooms Foundation, in a positive light.

16.   Maintaining  professionalism at all times as an important representative of the Living Classrooms Foundation

Hours:  Daily working hours for ships personnel will be from 0800 to 1630 unless otherwise directed or if operating an evening trip.  It is essential that crew members understand that shipboard life is demanding of both one’s energy and time and that it may often be necessary to work extra hours until a project is completed or until a reasonable stopping point is reached.

All ship’s personnel and educators are expected to work six trips per week over the course of a five day work week during the daysail season.  This will include five day trips and one evening trip.  

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