Kairos Pastor


The Kairos Pastor is responsible to the church, under the direction of the Brentwood Campus Pastor for providing Pastoral leadership for all aspects of the Kairos staff and ministry. The Kairos Pastor is responsible for aligning Kairos with the overall mission, vision, objectives, and goals of Brentwood Baptist Church.

PRIMARY JOB RESPONSIBILITIES may include but are not limited to the following:

  • In coordination with the Senior Pastor and Campus Pastor Preaching Team, serve as a communicator of God’s Word through preaching and teaching at the Kairos service
  • Communicate and implement church-wide vision, objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics within all aspects of the Kairos ministry.
  • Lead the Kairos team to follow and engage in church-wide processes, systems, budgets, staffing models and accountabilities to support the vision, objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics.
  • Work with the Brentwood Campus Associate Executive Pastor to develop and monitor the annual budget for Kairos.
  • Provide oversight, equipping and supervision of the Kairos Ministry staff and volunteers, clearly communicating and implementing church-wide strategic and operational goals, processes, and systems.
  • Coordinate the weekly Kairos worship services in conjunction with the Brentwood Campus Pastor, and Kairos Worship Leader.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and Campus Pastor Preaching team to coordinate annual sermon planning for Kairos.
  • Participate in the weekly Campus Pastor Preaching Team meeting.
  • Participate in the weekly Brentwood Campus Department Head meeting.
  • Conduct regular team meetings with the Kairos Ministry Team and as needed with other ministry teams to develop a sense of teamwork and foster cooperation with other ministries of the church.
  • Work with the Kairos staff to facilitate an intentional process for developing leaders within Kairos.
  • Work with the Kairos staff to facilitate an intentional process for engaging Kairos ministry participants in the church membership process.
  • Determine and develop appropriate oversight of the pastoral care aspects of the Kairos Ministry.
  • Maintain and consistently equip and develop a core group of prayer counselors for Kairos, as well as a detailed process for capturing stories of life-transformation, and decisions for Christ.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Brentwood Campus Pastor and/or the Brentwood Associate Executive Pastor.
  • Maintain an intentional program of spiritual, professional, and physical self-development.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as a member of the Brentwood Campus Department Head meetings representing the Kairos ministry and speaking into the broader issues and opportunities of Brentwood campus.
  • Effectively communicate and work alongside an administrative assistant, who will help carry-out the day to day administrative responsibilities of the Kairos Ministry.
  • Pray with and for all staff members on a regular basis and hold staff members accountable for personal, spiritual, and professional growth (self-development plan).
  • Serve the church as a decision counselor, pastoral counselor, on-call minister, and on-site minister (as assigned). 
  • Collaborate with the Communications Team to ensure that the Kairos strategy and initiatives are communicated to the church and to the Kairos target demographic on a timely basis through the appropriate distribution channels.


In addition to the specific responsibilities required for this role, Brentwood Baptist Church also seeks candidates that possess some general competencies and behavioral traits that enhance the effectiveness of our staff.


·       Directs both resources and people (paid or unpaid) towards the accomplishment of goals

·       Maximizes personal effectiveness by focusing on “must-dos” tasks and delegating other priorities to others

·       Anticipates/avoids problems or formulates creative solutions

·       Makes timely decisions that produce quality outcomes


·       Develops both vision and strategy that focuses team energy towards results

·       Maintains a working environment characterized by high levels of encouragement and trust

·       Drives team towards greater innovation and collaboration

·       Sets clear expectations and holds team members accountable for them


·       Clearly conveys expectations and priorities to staff and/or volunteers

·       Uses written and verbal communication in a way that accomplishes intended results

·       Adheres to commitments, schedules and deadlines

·       Regularly shares information with and solicits feedback from staff/volunteers


·       Demonstrates Christ-likeness and a commitment to personal spiritual growth

·       Leads staff and/or volunteers by serving and not by asserting control

·       Utilizes emotional intelligence, is emotionally available to those he/she leads

·       Invests in the development of staff or volunteers around him/her


·       Prioritizes and accomplishes self-development goals

·       Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to obtaining the necessary KASH (knowledge, attitude, skills and habits) necessary to be successful in this role

·       Teachable spirit with a desire to learn and grow

·       The gap between the current job description and the employee’s current abilities is appropriate and allows for future growth


·       A calling to preach God’s Word and to pastor and shepherd a ministry within the church.

·       High level of preaching and teaching skills with the capacity to become the primary communicator at Kairos.

·       A strong Christ-follower who can identify closely with the mission, values, vision, theology, philosophy and methodology of Kairos and Brentwood Baptist Church.

·       A willingness to serve as a bridge where collaboration and alignment will exist between the Kairos Ministry and other ministries and congregations within Brentwood Baptist.

·       The proven ability to lead change, think strategically and to work with various ministry models, structures, and paradigms.

·       The proven ability to identify, equip, supervise, manage, lead and shepherd a team of ministerial and support staff.

·       A mature Christian who is demonstrates the Fruit of the Spirit, is growing in their faith and is committed to spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, prayer.

·       Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills.


 ·       A minimum of a master’s degree from an accredited, theological sound seminary.

·       At least three to five years of experience on a medium to large-church staff or Christian Ministry, preferably in a senior leadership position.

 All campuses function under the governance of Brentwood Baptist Church. Each campus is an established entity operating as a whole and permanent part of Brentwood Baptist. Each maintains pre-determined alignment characteristics that uphold the Brentwood Baptist “DNA” while also containing some contextualized characteristics to allow it to best reach its target local community.  Every staff member is an employee of Brentwood Baptist.

Brentwood Baptist Church is an EEO employer - M/F/Vets/Disabled
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