Cultivation Nursery Supervisor

Delta, BC Full-time $58000.00-$68000.00/year

The role of the Cultivation Nursery Supervisor will be focused on understanding and optimizing crop work and the performance of the Cultivation labour team in our Nursery. This role requires hands on work with our labour team, focused on improving plant health, maintaining mother and clone quality, and fostering a culture of collaboration unified towards these goals. 



·       Foster a positive work environment and lead by example. 

·       Motivate and inspire the Cultivation team, encouraging teamwork, professionalism, and continuous improvement. 

·       Work together with the Cultivation Labor Supervisor team to optimize workflow while encouraging team members and working to improve their performance.

·       Work with other departments including maintenance, quality, processing, and engineering to achieve organization wide goals. Ensure the cultivation team is reporting issues in a positive, collaborative, and timely manner.


·       Work to build a safety conscious culture. 

·       Train employees on safety protocols and provide guidance to minimize accidents and injuries and ensure compliance with safety regulations and promote a safe working environment.

 Crop work Standardization & Quality Improvement

·       Develop an understanding of our production crop work goals and strategies. 

·       Work to improve our standard crop work strategy with the aim of increasing plant health, flower quality, work efficiency, and job satisfaction. 

·       Implement quality control procedures to maintain the highest standards of work, site appearance, and batch uniformity. 

·       Spend time working with our labour team, helping to keep them focused, on task, and working effectively.

 Planning and Optimizing Crop Work

·       Direct the work of greenhouse laborers, assigning tasks, providing training, and monitoring performance to ensure productivity and quality standards are met. 

·       Assist in the development of standardized plans for nursery activities, including daily crop work requirements, goals, and deadlines. 

·       Give feedback to the Cultivation Labour Manager to help in scheduling and to ensure that the correct number of individuals are available for work each day, including hourly employees, farm labor contractors, and temporary foreign workers.

 Labour tracking

·       Work with the Cultivation Labour Manager to develop and use the labor tracking system to monitor and develop consistency and efficiency in the work force. 

·       Train team members on the correct use of this system, and provide guidance for their development in understanding, tracking, and optimizing labor use.


·       Help to ensure each member of the cultivation team understands the importance of the work that they perform. 

·       Encourage personal development and help the team to improve their skills and perfect the art of growing cannabis. 

·       Work with the Cultivation Labour Manager to assess, analyze, and optimize each laborer’s abilities and quality of work.

 Plant Health

·       Regularly inspect plants to identify and monitor for health, pests, and diseases. 

·       Work with the Integrated Pest Management team to track these issues. 

·       Implement labor activities to improve these areas and accurately report plant health from mother through to clone and plant out.


·       Keep precise records of our nursery activities and plant inventory. 

·       Maintain accurate documentation for compliance, production tracking, crop data, labor hours, inventory levels, and other data. 

·       Ensure compliance with the requirements for growing and selling cannabis.



·       3+ years of direct experience working in Cultivation in a Cannabis production facility

·       Excellent record keeping and communication skills

·       Hands on experience working with crops in a high pressure environment

·       An in depth understanding of plant physiology, horticulture, nutrition, and Integrated Pest Management

·       A desire to work collaboratively in a fast paced environment.

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