Purchasing Runner (Entry Level)
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA

I.                   JOB SUMMARY

This position reports directly to the Purchasing Manager. The Runner’s position is an entry level position that plays an integral role in a fast-paced and high-volume company that focuses on the safe and timely delivery of equipment interdepartmentally and to our customers. The Shipping Runner works with the Shipping and Purchasing departments to help complete processes supporting moving equipment and supplies throughout JM Test Systems.

II.                JOB RELATIONSHIPS 

Immediate Supervisor(s):  Shipping Manager

Workers Supervised: N/A

Interrelationships:  This person in this position will interact with almost every department while delivering equipment and supplies but will mainly be interacting with the Shipping and Purchasing clerks.


Education:  High School Diploma or GED

Qualifications, Training, and Experience Required: Requires adaptability and self-motivation. Due to the nature of the position, it is an ever-evolving position that requires a level head, good social skills, good communication skills, and the ability to work independently. Minimum supervision should be needed after the initial training and completing job-related checklists. Must be able to work cooperatively and effectively as a team player and be willing to place company and customer needs above personal preference.

Other characteristics desired: Punctual, hard-working, self-motivated, success-oriented, empathetic to internal and external customers, attentive to detail, calm, rational, good at problem-solving, able to work independently, able and willing to ask for help when needed, highly motivated to learn, and willing to place the needs to the business and its customers above personal preferences. 


Work requires constant movement. The runner will be tasked with moving equipment and supplies safely and efficiently from one department to the other. This job will be performed in all weather conditions, without compromising employees safety, and will frequently involve lifting/moving equipment and boxes up to 50lbs and moving equipment over 50lbs with the help of a dolly or cart. Must be able to pull a wagon, drive a golf cart, and use a JM Test Systems delivery vehicle on JMTS property in order to deliver equipment within the site. This position requires the ability to read and speak clearly to co-workers and to be able to read and write clearly.


A.        Clearing Purchasing Shelf

  1. Checks the staging shelf in Purchasing throughout the day, maintain a constant awareness of the status of all items in the staging area.
  2. Receives requests for new sale, cal/cert, and office supply rush orders throughout the day, documenting the order per internal procedures and making delivery based on the urgency of the request.
  3. Delivers Purchase Orders (POs) for accounts payable, PO requests in need of executive approval, and personal mail for employees in the warehouse throughout the day per internal procedures and in accordance with urgency.
  4. Receive and deliver PO requests that have been pulled from inventory for delivery to other departments per internal procedures and priority.
  5. Deliver new sale orders, both those without calibration and those written up for calibration that need to be delivered to specific codes, verifying the adequacy and correctness of the paperwork and making the delivery in accordance with appropriate disposition and in a timely manner.  

B.        Receiving

  1. Checks in all Purchase Orders (POs) that are shipped in and/or dropped off by local carriers, verifying completeness of POs and delivering them to Purchasing department, ESL warehouse or other appropriate personnel throughout the facility per internal procedures.
  2. Delivers customer equipment that has been tagged by shipping clerks to ESL or other locations per company needs and in accord with internal delivery procedures.
  3. Receives and checks in “To-factory” (T/Fs) equipment that is returning from the vendor after being sent in for repair; gives equipment and associated paperwork to the proper T/F clerk for processing.
  4. After verifying that the receiving clerk has created the WO for the equipment, transports equipment and/or other items to the individual lab codes and/or the lab management office according to internal procedures and delivery priorities.
  5. Requests assistance from Shipping Expediter when workload and time urgencies necessitate shifts in staffing needs.

C.        T/F’s

  1. Deliver “To Factory” (T/F) work orders to lab management in a timely manner and after verifying the adequacy and accuracy of the WO.  
  2. Pull T/Fs items from the lab (both normal T/F’s and straight T/F’s.) and deliver QA T/F items, accessories and paperwork to designated locations and place them on appropriate shelf.
  3. Verify accuracy and adequacy of T/F work orders and deliver paperwork to T/F purchasing clerk.

D.        General Help

  1. Checks mail trays and delivers paperwork pertaining to JM Test Systems services to appropriate mailboxes and/or personnel as necessary.
  2. Maintains a safe, clean and hazard-free working environment.
  3. Assists shipping expediter in the performance of his/her duties as time permits and/or business priorities warrant
  4. Assists QA as needed to help clear the customer QA room or help with code runs.
  5. Assists other departments if needed after completing the primary duties of the Shipping Runner position. 
  6. Assists shipping clerks by auditing invoices and placing them on the appropriate boxes that will be shipped. 
  7. Assists shipping expediter when workloads are high and fill in for expediter when he/she is absent. 

E.        Logistics Staging

  1. Pulls delivery invoices from A/R department for logistic coordinators to audit.
  2. Pulls equipment for assigned invoices and clears staging shelves for other JM location shuttles.
  3. Drives JM vans and loads up staged equipment into van per driver’s instructions.
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