Director, Crossroads & School Partnerships


Director, Crossroads & School Partnerships


The Director of Crossroads & School Partnerships (ED) will manage all administrative and strategic opportunities for The Crossroads School and create and implement meaningful partnerships with all schools within the Target Investment Zone.

The Director will collaborate with all educational programming in Target Investment Zone (TIZ), early childhood centers, schools located within TIZ, South Baltimore Partnerships, Workforce Development, Historic Ships in Baltimore, and all other areas of the Foundation.



Lead renewal and expansion efforts for our Crossroads Public Charter Middle School to both renew our current charter and achieve an expansion charter, initially for K to 8 and then K to 12.

Design the strategy for expansion of our Crossroads Public Charter Middle School.

Ensure compliance with all requirement of the current and future charters. 

Lead our organization’s efforts to create the strategy, partnerships, and innovations necessary for comprehensively engaging with Target Investment Zones schools.

Provide support, leadership, and information for all staff engaged in frontline programming and all program managerial staff.

Develop, implement, and support projects and partnerships related to schools in collaboration with district and school partners.

Build trusting relationships with district leadership, principals, cross-sector leaders, and community stakeholders

Be accountable for results and foster the sense of accountability for results in partners

Ensure excellent, research-driven, best-in-class programming in the Education Department.

Ensure quality and scope of data collection and closely monitor collected data to develop and implement strategies for continuous quality improvement.

Provide oversight for logistics and facilities management in all programs.

Problem Solving and Crisis Management – Manage and coordinate education staff in response to crisis situations that arise within the Education Department and provide coordination of senior personnel (CEO, Finance, Human Resources, Safety, Communications, etc.) across Foundation to address situations appropriately.

Financial Management

Create and coordinate all Education Department budgets, operating and capital. Work with Finance Department to ensure that Education budgets meet all organizational criteria and are approved by the deadline.

Monitor and manage all Education budgets to ensure that appropriate revenue is generated and received and that expenditures are within limits set by approved budgets. Review credit card and expense reconciliations and ensure that expenses are appropriate and on budget.

Make and track all purchases made through the P-STAR system. Review and track all expenditures.

Analyze monthly financial statements, provide appropriate corrections, and report on financial status of all Education programs at monthly internal Finance Meetings.

Monitor and manage marketing and bookings for fee-for-service programming.

Create, execute, and manage all contracts, including leases, with partners of Education Department programs, i.e., BCPS, Y of Central Maryland, etc.


Coordinate with Development Department to ensure that each Education program has an appropriate and achievable Development Plan. Execute approved development plan while continuously sourcing new potential funding opportunities.

Coordinate with Development to ensure that all funders receive proposals and reporting that is accurate and timely.

Review all proposals and provide oversight for accuracy and compilation. Review and approve all proposal budgets prior to submission.

Ensure that programs are operating in compliance with all grant requirements and specifications.

Manage Funder and Donor relationships.


Oversee all major personnel decisions, including hiring and terminations.

Ensure that Education Department has appropriate policies and procedures in place and that they are being applied consistently throughout the department.

Ensure that managers and staff are receiving appropriate training and that human resources information is disseminated accurately and consistently.

Oversee and provide liaison with BCPS Employees, including Matthew Ebert (Principal of Crossroads School), and all Crossroads staff employed by BCPS (teachers), Early Childhood Education Lead. Ensure that Foundation mission and goals are incorporated and executed through school programming.

Ensure that all employees have current background checks and drug testing.

Ensure that all timesheets are accurate and completed appropriately.

Ensure appropriate use of leave, including PTO and FMLA, and ensure that employees are aware of000000000000000 and have access to all applicable benefits including Short Term Disability pay. 

LCF Trustees & Board Meetings

Annually coordinate Education Department presentation for Living Classrooms Board Meeting.

Quarterly, coordinate Education Department reports and bullet points, including relevant data, for LCF Board Meeting Presentation packets.

Quarterly, coordinate presentations of Education Department at LCF National Capital Region Board Meetings.

Coordinating LCF Crossroads Board Agendas, Presentations, Reports, and Meetings at least three times annually.

Provide all information requested for Board Meetings or individual trustees.


Develop and nurture strategic partnerships for programs of the Education Department and other areas of the Foundation.

Assess and implement opportunities for expansion of programming, as appropriate.

Provide support to other departments of the Foundation as needed.

Any and all other duties as assigned.


·       Must hold bachelor’s degree or commensurate experience, relevant field preferred.

·       Must have at least three years of experience in providing experiential education, program design and analyzing program data.

·       Must have at least three years of experience in personnel management.

·       Must have experience in creating, implementing, and maintaining budgets.

·       Must have experience in soliciting donations and financial support, grant proposal writing, and grant reporting.

·       Must possess strong problem-solving, organizational, written and communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with a broad variety of audiences in multiple settings.

·       Must be proficient in using computer programs, including Microsoft Office 365 applications.

·       Must be responsible, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and able to perform above duties satisfactorily. 

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