Staff Caregiver


STAFF Caregiver


Hourly caregivers who are skilled, compassionate, flexible, reliable, and available may be considered for a Staff Caregiver role which includes a guaranteed forty hour work week.  These caregivers must be capable of walking into any client situation and delivering a high-quality experience for the client or clients. These caregivers are assigned as needed by the scheduling team within the allocated work hours. Their schedules will likely include a combination of regular clients and fill in shifts but generally will not include more than 24 hours per week with any one client.


·       ___have no less than two years of in-home care experience

·       ____be available to work Monday thru Friday from 7AM to 7PM and every other weekend from 8AM to 8PM.       

·       ____be willing to accept all cases as assigned within the designated hours.

·       ____have reliable transportation and be willing to drive clients locally as requested.                                                         

·       ____have experience working with a range of clients that have differing needs.

·       ____have the ability to assist with all ADL’s including basic transfers.

·       ____have received (or be scheduled to receive) both 1st & 2nd COVID vaccinations and follow testing guidelines.

·       ____be willing to receive an annual flu shot.

·       ____have the patience and compassion necessary to deal with dementia clients and/or challenging clients.

·       ____be comfortable using a cell phone to complete administrative reporting.


Members of this team will be guaranteed a minimum of 40 hours of pay each week.  However, there will be no limit to the number of hours worked and all hours over 40 in a week will be paid at overtime rates. These caregivers may pick up fill in shifts adding to the total number of hours worked. Base pay will be $14.50 per hour.  Weekends will have a $.50 per hour adder. All other adders are excluded. Mileage between clients will be paid. All other benefit options including PTO and access to health benefits remain unchanged.

‘Be available’ standard

Caregivers may request time off using the established PTO process. However, unless caregivers have requested time off in advance, they will be expected to be available for any shifts within the schedule outlined above. On any given day they will be released from the requirement to be available for work if they have not been contacted to work by 10:30 AM.  

 Our caregivers are the heart of our business. We are looking for caregivers that will take pride in providing quality care for our clients, as well as finding enrichment in developing in-depth relationships. This position allows for a full scope of interaction with the client in their home including assistance with their activities of daily living, maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment, and keeping them engaged with the outside world. 


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