Lifeguard - Water Park

The Palm Springs Surf Club Palm Springs, CA $16.25 to $17.00 per hour



Lifeguard – The Palm Springs Surf Club

· Palm Springs, CA, USA

· Job category: Guest Services

· Job Location: 1500 S Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264

· Season: Year Round

· Job Classification: Full-Time

· Hourly + Benefits: $16.25 - $17.00 / Hour DOE + employer contributions to insurance premiums

Company Description:

PSSC is a broadly appealing active lifestyle concept incorporating surfing, entertainment, hospitality, dining, fitness, social events, and health & wellness. Our targeted site strategy is focused on warm weather and densely populated urban markets with a mix of strong local and visitor demographics. PSSC features proven wave technologies by Surf Loch Wave Systems. Our scalable destination concept easily adapted to fit local market character to create a true community focal point and gathering place.

You don’t just work at PSSC. You become one of the best reasons our clients come back again and again. It’s our aim to provide a warm and inviting community atmosphere for our guests and corporate clients. We believe every employee should play a key role in helping to enrich the client and guest experience during their event. This takes a dedication to real, live hospitality and an appreciation for innovative leadership. We are a team, and we act like it. We also believe, as PSSC management, in a commitment to providing a secure and an enjoyable work environment for every employee — one that promotes honesty, mutual respect, personal growth and career advancement for all. Employees also receive access to employee dedicated surf sessions.

The position requires excellent communication skills - both written and verbal, along with the ability to support the lifeguard operations and guest experience at PSSC. This is a full-time position required to work at the property. This position requires non-traditional working hours which includes working nights and weekends and holidays.

Job Summary: 

As a Waterpark Lifeguard, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of guests at our waterpark. Your primary responsibility will be to monitor and supervise all water activities, including pools, slides, and other water attractions, to prevent accidents and respond promptly to emergencies. Your strong swimming and rescue skills, along with your ability to remain vigilant and attentive, will help create a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors.


1.    Water Safety and Surveillance:

·       Conduct continuous surveillance of the waterpark area to identify potential hazards, rule violations, and distressed swimmers.

·       Maintain a vigilant presence at designated stations and ensure complete coverage of assigned areas at all times.

·       Enforce waterpark rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all guests.

2.    Emergency Response:

·       Be prepared to respond immediately to water-related emergencies, such as drownings, injuries, and medical incidents.

·       Perform water rescues using appropriate rescue techniques and equipment.

·       Administer first aid and CPR as needed until additional medical assistance arrives.

3.    Guest Assistance and Communication:

·       Provide excellent customer service by assisting guests with inquiries, directions, and general information about the waterpark.

·       Address any concerns or complaints from guests professionally and promptly.

·       Educate guests on water safety practices and promote awareness of potential risks.

4.    Equipment Maintenance:

·       Regularly inspect and ensure the proper functioning of rescue equipment, such as rescue tubes, life jackets, and first aid kits.

·       Report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment to the supervisor for immediate repair or replacement.

5.    Crowd Control and Capacity Management:

·       Monitor crowd density in various water attractions and enforce capacity limits to prevent overcrowding and maintain a safe environment.

·       Coordinate with other lifeguards and park staff to manage queues and lines at popular water features.

6.    Incident Reporting and Documentation:

·       Record all incidents, accidents, and rescues in the waterpark's logbook accurately and promptly.

·       Prepare incident reports detailing the nature of the event, actions taken, and any medical treatment administered.

7.    Training and Continued Education:

·       Participate in regular training sessions and skill evaluations to maintain lifeguard certifications and improve rescue techniques.

·       Stay informed about the latest water safety protocols, emergency procedures, and industry best practices.


  • Must be at least 18 years old (age requirements may vary depending on local regulations).

  • Possess a current and valid lifeguard certification from a recognized organization (e.g., American Red Cross, Ellis & Associates).

  • Strong swimming skills and ability to swim long distances, tread water, and perform rescues in various water conditions.

  • Knowledge of CPR, first aid, and other lifesaving techniques.

  • Excellent observational skills with the ability to remain focused and alert during long shifts.

  • Exceptional communication skills to effectively interact with guests and team members.

  • Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions and stand for extended periods.

  • Physical fitness and stamina to perform water rescues and respond quickly to emergencies.

  • Willingness to work on weekends, holidays, and flexible hours, as waterparks typically operate during peak seasons.


PSSC recognizes that benefits play a vital role in helping ensure the health and financial security of employees and their families. We offer a variety of benefits to our employees including:

· Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

· Retirement plan

· Paid Vacation and Sick Days

· Paid Parental Leave

· Company Paid Short - Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

· PSSC Employee Perks and Discounts






Physical Demands and Work Environment:

· Required to stand for long periods and walk, climb stairs, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, stretch and twist or reach.

· Push, pull or lift up to 50 pounds.

· Continuous repetitive motions.

· Work in cold, dry, hot, humid, and noisy environments.

Working as a Waterpark Lifeguard can be both rewarding and demanding. Your dedication to water safety and quick response to emergencies will be vital in ensuring a positive experience for guests while maintaining a safe environment for all visitors.

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