Commercial Lender Trainee

QNB Bank Quakertown, PA

Commercial Lender Trainee


FUNCTION:  Underwrite and analyze commercial loan requests.  Provide an unbiased presentation to enable management to make informed credit decisions.  Gradually transition to a Business Banker with responsibility for monitoring, managing, and developing commercial relationships (see Training Development Framework)


1.       Perform various duties involved with the credit analysis function on all credit relationships as assigned.  Develop information for use by the Relationship Managers, Loan Committee, and Board Loan Committee for the purpose of making decisions on new and existing loans.  These duties include, but are not limited to:

a.       Collect and analyze credit information from all available sources, including in-house, other financial institutions, various agencies, etc.

b.      Analyze financial statements and all related material, in part, through use of spreading software.

c.       Attend and participate in customer calls with the Relationship Managers, including the documenting of calls, when appropriate.

d.      Development and preparation of credit presentations to document credit files and provide the Relationship Managers and/or QNB Loan Committee and Board Loan Committee with the information necessary to make informed credit decisions.

2.       Monitor progress log for all scheduled annual reviews and insure completion of such reviews within the set time parameters.

3.       Assist in developing new procedures and programming to enhance automation and efficiency.

4.       Work directly with other departments to facilitate workflow. 

5.        Progress through the Training Development Framework (below). Master required essential skills in a reasonable timeframe as determined by the Credit Department Manager.

6.        Adhere to policy and compliance requirements in all credit analysis, portfolio management and lending responsibilities.

7.        After completion of Phase I, begin to shadow lending staff in meeting with current and prospective clients to assess the specific customer needs and aid in the development/delivery of solutions designed to meet those needs.

8.        Document customer calls, status of accounts, and action plans.

9.        Represent the bank in a professional manner and participate in appropriate civic and community functions to enhance the bank’s image.  Examples include accountant/attorney groups, Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis, Lions, RMA and PBA.

10.      Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.

11.      Assumes additional responsibilities as requested.


1.       Strong communication, sales and public relation skills. Including ability to make calls, ask questions, and develop relationships

2.       General business writing skills

3.      Must be proficient in various computer applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

4.       Self-motivated with strong organizational skills and the ability to work independently.

5.    Ability to multi-task and work effectively with colleagues, managing time and resources to ensure work is completed efficiently and within established time frame.


1.       Two years of experience working with credit analysis or knowledge of financial statements.

2.       Strong accounting foundation

3.       Business development skills

4.       Associate or bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or Economics

Training Development Framework

The trainee will spend an extensive period of time developing a thorough understanding of the credit analysis process. Development of credit analysis skills is essential to the Commercial Lender track. The timeline will be flexed as necessary to ascertain proficiency in required areas.

Phase 1 (Min: 12 months)

·         Formal on-the-job credit analyst training

o   Software, including but not limited to JHA, Credit Track, Synergy, Moody’s & T-Value

o   Loan policy

o   Regulatory compliance

o   Codes

o   Transaction sheets

o   Spreads

o   Credit inquiries

o   Order and/or review credit reports, searches, environmental reports, appraisals

o   RDC / ACH approvals

o   Collateral analysis

o   Industry analysis

o   Business and personal cash flow

o   Financial analysis

o   Approval documents

o   Customer calls

·         Complete Introduction to Commercial Lending, Lending Academy I or equivalent

·         Complete RMA Writing the Credit Analysis and/or other identified courses (Lending to Contractors, RE Lending)

·         Weekly one-on-one with credit manager, including constructive feedback on writeups

·         Progress to more complicated relationship write-ups.

·         Begin community involvement, including volunteering at community events, join a service organization, etc. (typically month 12 or later).

 Phase II (Min: 6 months)

·         Shadow lender(s); analyst permitted to directly question borrower

·         Course in Advanced Commercial Lending or equivalent

·         Focus on different industries, including contractors, municipalities etc.

·         Exposure to Special Assets and/or Classified Asset write-ups.

·         Exposure to Retail Loan process.

 Phase III  (Min: 6 months)

·         Demonstrated understanding of policy adherence and mitigants to policy exceptions

·         Demonstrated understanding of covenants, loan structuring & participations

·         Demonstrated understanding of regulations

·         Shadow Loan Documentation and possible external training

·         Expand networking opportunities.

Following Phase III, employee begins transition out of the Credit Department and reports directly to the lending function (generally Business Banking). Transition is dependent on mastery of credit analysis, staffing levels and growth of the company.

 ·         Assume portfolio administration

·         Develop/manage own portfolio, as assigned

·         New job description to be provided for assigned role



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