Purchasing Lead
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA DOE



Job Analysis and Description

I.          JOB SUMMARY

The Purchasing Lead is responsible for assisting (and backing up) the Purchasing Manager whenever and wherever necessary and for making sure that front line employees have as many uninterrupted, productive working hours as possible by handling any and all issues that come up including but not limited to purchasing, inventory, accounting, and/or customer complaints. Supervises administrative staff and conducts performance appraisals in a fair and timely manner.  Effectively communicates with inside sales to be able to provide the customer with timely and accurate information regarding existing and future orders. This position is responsible for helping to maintain inventory accuracy by processing all inventory adjustments, transfers, returns, and credits and making sure monthly cycle counts are completed for all locations.  This position supports company operations to foster excellence in executing JM Test Core Values, following all system protocols in compliance with those standards (Quality, Safety, NAIL, ISO 17025) regulations and company policies.


Immediate Supervisors:   Purchasing / Inventory Manager

Workers Supervised:  Purchasing Buyer, Purchasing PO Processing Clerk, Purchasing-Receiving Clerk, Purchasing Specialists, To Factory Specialist. 

Interrelationships:  Works with Manager, Inside/Outside Sales, Rental, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Manufacturing, Shipping & Receiving

III.       QUALIFICATIONS (to be hired into the position):

Education:  High School diploma or equivalent.  Bachelor's Degree in supply chain management or business administration is preferred.

Training and Experience Required:  Experience in buyer/inventory role for 3+ years.  Proficiency using Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Word, and Excel) and strong communication skills are required. Accounting and customer service experience is preferred.  Sage accounting and CalMapp work order systems on-the-job training will be provided.


Works primarily inside a corporate office space speaking to Manager and other JM Test System personnel on a regular basis. Work involves extended periods of sitting while typing, writing, answering phones, viewing a computer screen and utilizing computer-related objects (keyboard and mouse).  Requires standing during filing activities.  Must be able to hear and understand normal conversations in person and over the telephone and speak clearly. May be responsible for moving materials and other items requiring pushing, pulling, reaching, carrying, and occasionally lifting objects up to 40 pounds.


A.        Procurement Support

  1. Pre-approves Purchase Order (PO) requisitions, verifying and/or notating price, quantities, availability, and general ledger codes for charge-outs.  Determines whether or not the item being requisitioned is an inventory item and, if not, does it need to be input as an inventory item. Logs requisitions into CalMapp, if necessary, and distributes to Buyer for processing.
  2. Manages vendor issues and price updates in Sage, corresponding with vendors, requesting price updates and issuing My IT tickets for revisions in Sage as needed, and assuring the accuracy and timeliness of all processes.   Adds/updates part numbers in Sage from documentation provided by Inside Sales including the model number, description, manufacturer’s part number, vendor, cost and list price.
  3. Monitors and manages RUSH sales orders and purchase orders.  Obtains sales orders, records receipt of same; pulls items from available inventory and records quantities; prints calibration and/or delivery labels and affixes calibration labels to equipment. Delivers items and paperwork to staging shelf, finish room, receiving or shipping shelf per internal procedures.
  4. Processes any open purchase order requisitions, placing materials and paperwork on runner’s shelf for delivery to the appropriate person and/or department, and recording in the appropriate Material Requisition sales order the receipt of any inventory items which ARE NOT for customer sales orders, and therefore, require a manual adjustment to relieve inventory. Copies completed PO requisitions as backup documentation to any necessary manual inventory adjustments and forwards to Accounts Payable to allow for charge outs to other departments and/or locations.

B.     Inventory Control

  1. Creates Sage report containing production entries to build completed Bills of Material (BOM) which relieves inventory of component items and adds the parent item to inventory.
  2. Inputs inventory adjustments and inventory transfers in Sage, recording the appropriate general ledger account to be charged. This is accomplished by processing the Material Requisition orders (where inventory is allocated) and thru individual adjustments/transfers, when needed. Adds/updates Bills of Material in Sage, including the creation of the parent item and costing of the bill of material as needed.  Reconciles inventory count sheets from all locations and adjusts accordingly or finds another suitable method to correct inventory credit, etc.
  3. Processes and records inventory returns to vendors in Sage, relieving inventory and producing credit in Accounts Payable, when needed, or placing the inventory back into “on order” status as needed.  Contacts vendor for restock fee, RMA, and shipping information.  If applicable, sends the item to shipping or disposes of items as needed.  Updates spreadsheet when items are received in.
  4. Processes stock rotations of inventory to keep our inventory turnover at an acceptable rate.
  5. Approves and tracks credit requests from sales which are then forwarded to Accounts Receivable for credit memos and thus returns material to inventory.  Logs activity in returns/credit spreadsheet in a timely and accurate manner.
  6. Reviews and evaluates inventory stock levels and suggests changes to inventory where needed to assure adequate, but not excessive inventory on site.  Monitors daily inventory counts and provides help where needed in reconciling same.
  7. Creates department purchasing and inventory related procedures and maintains procedures over time, making and documenting adjustments as needed to assure accurate and up-to-date records.
  8. Performs end-of-year inventory counts in Baton Rouge and ESL warehouses as part of internal auditing, assuring accuracy and timely completion of counts.

C.     Personnel / Training

  1. Supervises administrative staff and activities and conducts performance appraisals in a fair and timely manner. Plans and coordinates activities directly or delegates duties as necessary to ensure timely and proper completion of all work.
  2. Oversees staff work schedules, prioritizing and assigning specific tasks to purchasing group as needed.  Monitors support personnel to assure proper workflow, timely completion of work, and correct pricing of inventory.  Manages workload between Baton Rouge (BR) and Electrical Safety Lab (ESL) warehouses. Assures personnel have the authority and resources needed to carry out their duties.   Monitors workflow and execution to ensure work is completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. 
  3. Provides initial training for new purchasing department employees and ongoing coaching as needed.

D.        Administrative

  1. Checks and responds to emails, including the general purchasing email (purchasing@jmtest.com), in a timely and courteous manner; determines the nature of the e-mail request/communication and provides appropriate follow-up.
  2. Leads 10-15 minute daily huddles to address workload for the day.  Discusses and solves any urgent issues/problems.  Reviews daily key performance indicators (KPIs).   Discusses any LEAN improvements and/or ideas.
  3. Attends and participates in regularly scheduled and special meetings with colleagues to maintain open communications and seek ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  Attends weekly Baton Rouge purchasing group meetings. Attends bi-weekly meetings with Inside sales and purchasing manager.  Attends and takes meeting notes at the monthly Purchasing meeting with all divisions.  Attends Inventory Forward planning meeting on a quarterly basis.
  4. Records tasks in the Purchasing docket to support effective communication, high levels of efficiency and continuous improvement.
  5. Tracks KPIs assuring the measures are accurate and up-to-date, and to support the department’s efforts to pursue continuous improvement in operations.
  6. Works with Accounts Payable on problem issues concerning purchase orders and vendors in an effort to resolve all issues in an effective and timely manner.
  7. Performs accurate and timely end-of-month duties including calculating freight for rental and the lab. Proofreads inventory sheet, making sure all adjustments are done including production entries.  Proofreads the receiving log to ensure all packages have been received and there are no open batches.  Investigates any inventory items that have a negative on-hand balance.   Oversee and manage major interruptions of purchasing personnel.
  8. Responds to and resolves complaints from customers and agents. Directs the proper use of the Customer complaint log by each employee.  Reviews the Customer complaint log for trends that indicate where additional assistance might be needed.
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