Rainbow Grocery Inc San Francisco, CA $18.96 per hour

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc.

Job Description

Position: Cashier


General Job Description: Charge customers for their groceries. Operate the cash register, scale, and Electronic Register System machine. Maintain positive relations and provide assistance for customers. Uphold the policies of the store as they relate to purchases and other cashier related issues (example, regulation of food stamp and check acceptance policies, etc.). Balance drawer and maintain accuracy in close-out procedure. Participate in collective decision-making processes and problem solving. Attend department and membership meetings.  Clean your register at the end of night shifts.  Sweep, mop, and deep clean on a rotating basis (approx. every 2-3weeks).

Current Hours Available: 30+ per week, four-shift minimum, two weekend shifts required for minimum of one year and one weekend shift required for a minimum of two years.

 Job Specifications:

Essential Functions:

-      Operate cash register (move groceries across belt, type in numbers, lift small objects repeatedly, etc.), scale, credit card/ ATM machine.

-      Give and receive various tenders including but not limited to cash, food stamps, checks, credit cards, scrip and gift certificates.

-      Memorize the PLU numbers and recognize the difference between different types of produce, bulk, and bakery items.

-      Provide information and assistance to customers when needed.

-      Perform effectively under stressful and busy situations.

-      Diffuse and or deescalate any problems customers may incur at the register.

-      Stay at register for extended periods of time (three hours or more) without a break.

-      Lift up to 50 pounds repetitively

-      Perform arithmetic during the course of a sale.

-      Count and balance till at the end of the shift.

-      Be punctual and reliable in regards to attendance.

-      Be aware of any applicable storewide or departmental policies in regards to sales.

-      Provide assistance to other cashiers when needed.

-      Work a minimum of four shifts, two weekend shifts for one year and one weekend shift for two years.

-      Follow Rainbow’s safety and security guidelines and procedures.

-      Be familiar with and follow all policies as set forth in the cashier policy book.

 Other Responsibilities and Qualifications:

-      Maintain communication with the Front End Coordinator and other cashiers.

-      Be self-motivated and able to work without direct supervision.

-      Exhibit good problem solving skills.

-      Maintain accuracy in regards to closeouts and charges

-      Participate in the collective process, i.e. attend meetings, read minutes and announcements, respond to wall polls, etc.

-      Be aware of and offer assistance when possible to the department in terms of subbing.

-      Be self-motivated and self directed.

-      Be able to give and accept constructive criticism.

-      Provide insight and ideas towards improving the general condition of the cashier department and the collective as a whole.

We are seeking to employ individuals who help to reflect the community we serve. Women, People of Color, Lesbian/ Gay/ Bi/ Trans people are encouraged to apply.


Wages and Benefits:

Pay: $18.96/hr during first three months; potential increase to $19.46/hr at 3 months and $19.96/hr at 9 months. Full medical/ dental/ vision insurance for full time workers (current minimum of 27 hours /week); 401(k) retirement plan; seven paid holidays; PTO accruals starting from day of hire. Vacation at one year; possibility of profit sharing (“patronage”) upon becoming member-owner of cooperative.

We reserve the right to change or revise duties and responsibilities as the need arises. This document is not a written or implied contract of employment.
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