ESL - Hot Stick Technician
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA



Job Analysis and Description 

I.          JOB SUMMARY

Apply knowledge of mechanics, mathematics, and electronics to dielectrically test, inspect, and repair equipment in the electrical, and/or mechanical disciplines to ensure proper electrical protective integrity. Repair, clean, test and certify personal protective equipment (PPE) and related equipment, utilizing appropriate testing procedures and performing corrective actions to address identified electrical/operational problems.

Maintain testing standards in all job-related activities.


Immediate Supervisors:  Lab Manager and Assistant Manager/Technical Manager and/or Lead Technicians

Workers Supervised:  None

Interrelationships:  Initial training will begin in-house in the ESL Lab where the technician will work closely with the Lab Manager, Assistant Managers, and Lead Technicians assigned to Hot Stick area to receive the proper training and development in order to perform the functions required of a Hot Stick Technician.

The Hot Stick technician will also work closely with the Technical Manager and Lead Technician for further OJT training, and assistance in providing exceptional customer service.


Education:  Must have a High School diploma or GED

Preferred: Associates degree, technical trade school or military training in electrical, safety training, electronics, or related field.

Training and Experience:

·         Previous experience is not required and will be provided upon hire; must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and display attributes of a quick learner.

·         Knowledge of hydraulics, calibration principles, related math, physics and electronics principles.

·         Knowledge of laboratory high voltage standards used to test insulated Personal Protective Equipment.

·         Skill to correctly use and operate equipment being tested and Lab standards used in electrical, and/or mechanical disciplines.

·         Knowledge to perform general math, algebra, and statistical equations.

·         Skill to use basic computer applications and various software applications.

·         Ability to read, correctly interpret, and apply testing procedures.

·         Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with work objectives with limited supervision.

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Ability to represent JM Test Systems, in a professional manner while providing Excellent Customer Service


·         Works primarily in a laboratory setting, within JM’s locations.

·         Ability to stand at a workbench for extended periods (up to 2 hours typical)

·         Ability to perform lifting of various items unassisted (up to 50 lbs.)

·         Ability to perform housekeeping, maintenance, and organization of work area.

·         Ability to work in confined work areas with a group of others

·         Ability to work indoors/outdoors with varying temperatures and conditions.

·         Ability to sit, stand, bend, walk, and climb stairs.


A.        Testing services

1.         Receives job assignments daily, verifying assignment and determining job details and priorities for daily assignments.

2.         Visually inspects PPE condition and diagnoses or otherwise identifies service requirements.

3.         Cleans PPE by hand or by machine in accordance with correct ASTM standard and/or manufacturer's specifications.

4.         Takes test data and deems equipment as pass or fail to ensure compliance with ASTM standards.

5.         Collects, compiles, summarizes and records data gathered during testing, assuring that complete and accurate information is available for all recordkeeping requirements.

6.         Analyzes testing data to identify abnormalities, trends and/or to predict future values, identifying out-of-tolerance conditions and performing corrective actions via repair or component replacement.  Identifies and corrects testing errors, as applicable.

7.         Certifies PPE by verifying that the equipment operates in accordance with ASTM performance standards, and meets manufacture’s criteria.

8.         Documents all testing data and certifications by recording relevant data and preparing test reports and certificates for return to the customer along with the Personal Protective equipment.

9.         Completes all documentation associated with service in a timely and accurate manner.            

B.        Process innovation and performance improvement

1.                  Trains less experienced technicians in repair concepts and procedures.

2.                  Seeks and/or requests training to improve skills and service performance.

3.                  Works with and/or assists the other Team Members

4.                  Represents JM Test Systems in a professional manner while providing Excellent Customer Service

C.        Housekeeping and other duties

1.         Cleans, organizes and maintains work area.

2.         Requests and/or orders supplies as needed in accordance with Company procedures.

3.         Cleans, organizes and prepares staging areas for setting up new testing assignments/jobs.

4.         Transports supplies and equipment as needed to designated locations in a timely and safe manner, and in accordance with Company processes.

5.         Performs others duties and requested of assigned.    


JM Test Systems, Inc. is committed to diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The above Job Description is a written statement of facts describing the scope, responsibilities and organizational relationships of this position as it is today.  It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization. 

This job description is subject to change as JM Test Systems evolves, and in no way implies that this description includes all the duties associated with the position.  Job duties related to this position may be added/removed from the job description as needed. JM Test Systems, Inc. depends on their employees to assess their current positions and update their position description as duties change, responsibilities increase/decrease, technology improvements occur, or as a result of any other factors which may impact the success of such position. 

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