LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)

Government Contracting firm seeking full time contract LPN to work at FT. Knox, KY 



 All contract employees provided by the contractor shall meet the qualifications for Licensed Practical Nurse. The contract employee shall perform essentially the same functions, within the scope of practice for their professional discipline and standards, as those required by Army or government service health care professionals of similar experience and in similar duty assignments. The contract employee practices/productivity will be compared to that of other staff assigned to the same MTF in similar positions.

 The contract providers shall not be the subject of a current or pending investigation of appeal by any medical licensing board to determine whether the individual has engaged in unprofessional conduct or substandard medical practice which may result in the suspension or restriction of the individual’s medical license.  The contract providers shall not have had any adverse licensure actions, i.e. suspension or restrictions, in the past.

 1.18.1. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS—Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). a valid, current, unrestricted license (with no limitations, stipulations or pending adverse actions) to practice nursing as a LPN in one of the 50 states of the United States, District of Columbia, or territory of Puerto Rico. Be a graduate of a school of practical nursing approved by the appropriate State agency and/or accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) at the time the program was completed. Exceptions: Healthcare education in the military service, or training in the military service which is accepted by the licensing body in the jurisdiction in which the individual is licensed as qualifying for full LPN licensure, will be accepted. Have certification in blood drawing, and administering immunizations. Have current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from the American Heart Association. Advanced Cardiac Life Support or other advanced certification does not supersede BLS certification.  Certifications must be renewed as required at no additional cost to the Government. Have a minimum of two years of ambulatory care nursing experience as an LPN within the last three years.



 The contract healthcare providers shall perform medical support in the specialties of Licensed Practical Nurse.  The quality of these services shall meet or exceed reasonable standards of professional practice as determined by the authority that governs military medical professionals in the same discipline.  The contractor shall provide medical services to all beneficiaries authorized care in AR 40-3.

  The Contract Healthcare Providers shall perform the following procedures, as required, and in strict compliance with standing orders and protocols set forth by the MTF to include, but not limited to the following.  Specific Duties / Tasks—Licensed Practical Nurse.  Assume a full range of practical nurse duties and record such care in patient charts.  Obtain patient history and pertinent family history. Perform appropriate complete physical assessment of patient. Document plan of care and care given in the patient's medical records. Prepare patients for tests, examinations and treatment, including formal or informal teaching to patients according to demonstrated need and unit protocols. Prepare equipment and supplies and assist in procedures.  Carry out prescribed physician orders and document in patient's medical record, hard copy or

CHCS/AHLTA. Transcribe or verify transcription of physician orders.  Communicate pertinent patient data to physician, NP, PA, and/or RN as appropriate. Assist in reassessing patient's condition and revising plan of care based on identified practical nursing problems and in accordance with appropriate practical nursing care and prescribed medical treatment.  Perform patient teaching related to medication. Administer all medications (excluding administering IV push medication or start blood product transfusion), observe and document patient response to medications administered; demonstrate knowledge in therapeutic effects, compatibility, contra-indications and adverse reactions.  Clean wounds aseptically, apply bandages and remove sutures and bandages. Administer prescribed dosages of vaccines and toxoids in immunization program and administer oral and parenteral medications to patients within the limitations of clinic/unit protocols.  Recognize the need for and initiate appropriate measures in emergency situations such as anaphylactic shock and cardiopulmonary arrests. Apply Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques as required.  Maintain accurate records and be familiar with referral procedures. Assist in administrative/clinical duties, to include maintaining cleanliness of the clinic and assisting in the clinic with filing, etc.

 1.18.3.  Specific Tasks. The following tasks apply to all HCPs providing services under this contract.  Provides, or assists with, examinations, care and treatment to eligible military healthcare system beneficiaries.  Conserve health of patients by application of diversified knowledge of preventive, diagnostic,

therapeutic, and surgical procedures.  Seek advice of consultants when appropriate. Instruct, utilize, monitor and provide guidance to appropriate medical personnel to assist in delivery of care when indicated (LPNs/paraprofessionals). Initiate requests for tests or consultations as appropriate.  Prepare and document appropriate history, examinations and diagnosis. Maintain documentation of all

testing and/ or treatment provided in accordance with clinic directives and prepare such records and reports as may be required by the contract. Ensure all documentation and reports are legible.  Review medical histories and progress of patients. Examine, diagnose and treat patient or prescribe

course of treatment. Abide by all clinic rule and regulations.  Apply principles of Infection Control and Safety.  Adhere to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines concerning standard precautions and MEDDAC Memo 40-15, Infection Control Program, at all times while providing services under this contract.  CHCS/AHLTA/ESSENTRIS.  Contract personnel will use the CHCS/AHLTA and/or ESSENTRIS for keeping records, ordering of ancillary procedures, ordering of medications, writing doctor’s orders, schedule follow-up visits and performing other required patient functions.    The government will provide training to contract employees (see para 1.16.).  Access to such patient data systems is an "Automated Data Processing Sensitive" position requiring compliance with AR 25-2 and AR 380-67.  Refer all request for patient information, which cannot be handled by clinic personnel, to the Patient Administration Division. The contractor shall not release medical information without prior coordination with Patient Administration Division.  Maintain and prepares proper medical records on beneficiaries to whom treatment is provided in

accordance with Army Regulation 40-66, Medical Record Administration.  Medical records completed by the

contract employee shall be subject to review by the DCMS, or his designated representative, and a medical records

review committee established by IRACH. The contract employee shall be notified of deficiencies in his/her

entries into the medical records and shall be instructed to correct the deficiencies. All records generated in the

performance of the contract shall remain the property of, and subject to exclusive control of the government.  Verify the content and correctness of all prepared reports by affixing his/her own signature and stamp

to all copies of the document and validating contents.  Use only those abbreviations as listed in IRACH’s official abbreviation book.  Attend and participate in team conferences, professional staff conferences, and other appropriate

professional activities as determined by the DCMS, or his designated representative as workload permits during

scheduled duty hours.  Participate in all mandatory training.  Participate in all areas of the Quality Improvement, Risk Management and Utilization Management Program. The Contractor shall perform peer review, chart review and other quality assurance functions in accordance with IRACH’s Quality Improvement Program as directed by the DCMS.  The HCPs shall be able to read, write and speak English well enough, and enunciate with sufficient clarity to effectively communicate with patients and other health care providers.  May be assigned to other clinics in the IRACH footprint on a temporary basis as needed.



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