Therapeutic Visitation Specialist: LSW, LAC - Brielle, NJ

Caring Family Community Services Brielle, NJ $50.00 per hour

Therapeutic Visitation Specialist

Job Description: The Therapeutic Visitation Specialist is responsible for supporting parent-child visitation for families in their homes or communities based on their requirement of therapeutic intervention.

Job Duties:

·        Engaging 

1.      Initiating and maintaining ongoing communication with families, taking into consideration cultural, faith, language, and other societal sensitivities.

2.      Scheduling and conducting visits in the most home-like location while ensuring the safety of the children.

3.      Maintaining the SVP vision: strengths-based, solutions-focused, family centered, trauma informed strategies to elicit family input.

4.      Communicating with children, parents, relatives, resource parents, DCP&P and/or other stakeholders by phone and in person.

·        Assessing –

1.      Completing biopsychosocial assessments, assessment tools, and visitation plans.

2.      Using a strategy to review collateral information and inquiring about family’s natural supports.

3.      Assessing families’ services needs and linking them to the appropriate community providers.

4.      Documenting visits and completing reports.

·        Active Listening –

1.      Creating an empowering environment for family members to communicate their goals and needs.

·        Teaming –

1.      Advocates for families and promotes them in advocating for themselves.

2.      With prior assessments, links the family to appropriate resources and support programs and coordinates with DCP&P.

3.      Attending various meetings and trainings.

4.      Transporting to children and/or parents

·        Therapeutic Intervening 

1.      Promoting behavioral change in caregivers and children by providing them the necessary education, modeling, reinforcement and empowerment.

·        Coaching –

1.      Enhancing parental skills by goal setting, modeling, mentoring, reinforcement, feedback, and reflection.

2.      Revisiting goals and expectations to set the plan for upcoming visits.

3.      Facilitating parent debriefings before and after visits and visitation planning meetings

·        Required knowledge, skills and abilities -

1.      Ability to manage numerous visiting families and systems of care simultaneously.

2.      Outstanding human relations skills and work in team-based environments.

3.      Effective oral and written communication skills.

4.      Effective problem-solving and communication skills.

5.      Knowledge of:

  • Resources and/or services in the community for the target population.
  • Trauma and its effect on children/families.
  • Infant, child and adolescent stages of growth and development.

6.      Ability to use therapeutic approaches when working with children and families.

7.      Model, coach, support and mentor parents on use of nurturing and safe parenting.

8.      Excellent computer skills – knowledge of Microsoft Office and EHR systems.

9.      Ability to use seat belts, car and booster seats and/or child safety locks.

Position Status: Part-Time

Job Requirements:

·        Education: Master’s degree in social work, counseling or related area from an accredited college/university

·        Experience: Minimum of one (1) year working with children and families, particularly associated with the welfare system and trauma.

·        License:

1.      Valid professional license and/or certification.

2.      Valid New Jersey driver’s license.

Strongly Recommended:

·        Ability to provide a flexible working schedule – which can and may include: nights, weekends, and/or holidays.

·        Understanding that majority of the working time is spent out of the office, which includes: Transporting children, parents to and from visits

·        Work may include: heavy lifting, frequent standing, sitting, bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling and moving.


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