Responsible for overseeing Front of the House staffs and assuring that all guests are greeted in a professional, friendly and family oriented way before, during and after the meal period.


Be punctual to begin your work

Wear proper uniform (black slacks, Black Bear Diner shirt, suspenders, apron, and Radio headset at all times while supervising staff) and name badge at all times

Maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times

Motivate Front of the House staff to work fast and accurate, and provide excellent service to all Guests.

Assure that all Front of the House staff completes their side-work and assure the restaurant remains clean and orderly.

Assure that all staff are following proper health practices for our industry.

Count with Cashiers accuracy of bank before opening and count cash drawers at end of shift.

Work with Cashiers to assure correct handling of cash and credit card transactions

Work with Cashiers to assure correct tips paid outs.

Complete daily reports to DM on any closing shifts

As soon as guests are seated approach the table within no more than two minutes, greet guests in a friendly/courteous way, introduce yourself by name

Offer beverages before taking food orders (Coffee, OJ for breakfast.  Iced tea & soft drinks, any seasonal special beverages, beer, wine for lunch and dinner)

After serving beverages, announce specials per meal period

Takes food orders, making sure that orders are repeated back to guests to avoid any mistakes, if out of any items, make sure to communicate it to guests

Puts order into Aloha, making sure that all modifications are placed

Always connect with the kitchen expeditor or kitchen manager for any special request or modifications

After orders have been placed make sure to check back with the guests to offer beverage refills

Make sure to communicate to guests any delays from the kitchen, say “Just want to let you know that the food is delayed but it should be coming out shortly”  

Never ignore the guests, especially when there is a delay from the kitchen, maintain guests informed at all times

Maintain a cheerful and positive attitude at all times 

Maintain the “clean as you go” policy

Keep all working areas clean at all times, sweep and vacuum floors as necessary to maintain a good clean look throughout the dining room

Maintain all working stations clean and organized at all times

Report to Manager any equipment failures and any shortages of supplies immediately

Make sure to take your breaks on time to avoid any penalties

Make sure to return to your work stations after breaks on a timely manner

You are required to work over time, if needed

Responsible for making sure that all guest checks are double checked before presenting to guests (make sure table # matches the guests check and number of guests)

Any voids, wrong orders or when guests changes mind must be approved by manager

As a server, you are not allowed to comp any meals, unless approved by management

Be a team player, taking ownership of the entire Restaurant, not just your station

Food runs are to be made by all food servers when needed… We are a Team!

All transitions of stations must be communicated immediately to management to avoid confusion of who is working where

All food servers must have current Food Handlers’ Certification..

Make sure that all sugar caddies are refilled with proper condiments and re-stock all sauces, ketchup and mustard, refill salt & pepper shakers

All side works must be completed before punching out from your shift


1. Must be able to stand, walk, and stay on his/her feet for prolonged periods of time.  This could be up to four hours without a break period to sit down.

2. Carry plates, dishes and trays with a weight of up to nine pounds on a continuous basis.

3. Lift up to 25 pounds at a given time.

4. Must be able to write (take orders form guests) and work either an adding machine or a Point of Sale (P.O.S.) screen that requires repetitive motion.

5. Must be courteous, smile frequently, and express cheerful disposition at all times.

6. Must be able to multi-task (including use of communication via a radio head set.)

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