MAIN FUNCTIONS: Responsible for making sure that all cooking procedures and
recipes are followed according to Batch & Brine standards.

1. Must be able to stand, walk and stay on his/her feet for prolonged periods of
time. This could be up to four hours without a break period to sit down.
2. Lift up to 75 pounds at a given time.
3. Be able to perform the repetitive task of line cooking which requires repetitive
motion with a spatula on an on-going basis.

Be punctual to begin your work
Wear proper uniform (Batch & Brine tee-shirt, cap or bandana, non-tattered
jeans, apron and slip-proof restaurant shoes).
Maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times, facial hair must be well
trimmed, nails must be clean and trimmed
At the beginning of shift, make sure that all stations are fully stocked for cooking
at every meal period, following all food safety and sanitation procedures to avoid
cross contamination
All hot food items must be cooked at proper temperatures, following cooking
All cold food items must be prepared at proper temperatures, following proper
All food orders coming out of the printer must be read correctly to make sure
that all plates are complete according to the order received, every order must be
complete before going out of the window
Pay attention to wheel caller for proper cooking items
Breakfast meals are to be cooked to order, making sure that eggs are cooked
properly i.e., over easy, sunny side up, etc.
All meats must be cooked at the proper temperatures, steaks should be at the
proper times i.e., medium well, medium rare, well done
Chicken items must be fully cooked before being plated
Follow proper hygiene and sanitation procedures, hands must be washed after
handling of any raw meats, use hand towels to dry hands instead of aprons
All cutting knives must be clean at all times
Kitchen station must be clean at all times, free of debris and spillage
Keep floors clean at all times
Maintain all freezers and refrigerators at proper temperatures
Conduct a temperature check every two hours and ensure that is properly logged
Make freezer pulls as directed or as needed
Report any shortages of food supplies immediately
Make sure to use safety procedures while in the cooking line
Responsible to deep clean kitchen line at the end of each shift.
Make sure to take your breaks on time and return from your breaks on time
You are required to work over time, if needed
Complete any other assigned tasks willingly as designated by management
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