PRN Registered Nurse or LPN

Inspiration Ministries Walworth, WI Based on experience

RN or LPN (nurse) will assist adult residents with various levels of physical and functional impairment or disabilities.  The Nurse will assist with those daily activities with which the resident is unable to perform without help. This fosters a resident’s ability to live independently with freedom of choice. All responsibilities will be conducted in a manner which is consistent with the philosophy of CBRF/Assisted Living and in accordance with Inspiration Ministries policies and procedures. The Nurse must be willing to put the Residents first.

The Nurse will oversee a residents medical care and doctor communication. 

  1. Provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s):

  • Help with dressing and undressing.
  • Help with bathing, showering and toileting.
  • Help with personal hygiene (shaving, dental care, nail care, hair care, and foot care).
  • Help with mobility devices including monitoring of safe transfer and ambulation techniques.
  • Help with care of ADL devices such as eyeglasses and hearing aids.
  • Answer Resident call signal lights, bells, or intercom systems to determine Resident needs.
  • Turn or reposition bedridden Residents.
  • Provide physical support to assist Residents in performing daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, and standing, walking, or exercising.
  • Review Residents’ dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences to ensure Resident receives appropriate diet.
  • Feed Residents or assist Residents with eating or drinking.
  • Lift or assist others in lifting Residents to move them.
  • Adjust positions of Residents on beds or chairs.
  • Operate medical equipment.

2. Health Maintenance and Monitoring Task:

Performs simple treatments as ordered by the physician:

  • Observes and reports changes in the resident’s physical condition and cognitive/emotional status to DON, charge nurse, or physician.
  • Conducts room checks.
  • Monitors environment for safety hazards.
  • Records incidents, errors, or accidents.
  • Records resident and resident-related events.
  • Reminds Residents to take medications or nutritional supplements.         

3. Activity Program:

  • Participates in and supports therapy/exercise program.
  • Participates in other resident activities as time permits.
  • Records vital signs such as: temperature, blood pressure, pulse or respiration rates as directed by medical or nursing staff.
  • Gathers information from caregivers, nurses or physicians about Resident conditions, treatment plans, or appropriate activates.
  • Administers basic health care or medical treatments.
  • Applies bandages, dressing, or splints.
  • Collects biological specimens for Residents.
  • Disposes of biomedical waste in accordance with standards.

4. Emergency Preparedness

  • Responds to and acts appropriately in emergency or disaster situations.
  • Administers therapy treatments to Residents using hands or physical treatment aids.

5. Leadership:

  • Plans and completes duties with minimal direction from supervisor.
  • Works collaboratively with peers and other team members.
  • Uses tactful, diplomatic techniques when communicating.
  • Follows up with appropriate staff, resident, or other individuals regarding reported complaints, problems, and concerns.
  • Maintains all certifications required for employment.
  • Ensures and maintains confidentiality for all residents.

6. Registered Nurse Responsibilities:

  • Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records.
  • Administer medications to residents and monitor residents for reactions or side effects.
  • Record residents' medical information and vital signs.
  • Monitor, record, and report symptoms or changes in residents' conditions.
  • Consult and coordinate with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement, or evaluate Resident care plans.
  • Modify residents treatment plans as indicated by residents' responses and conditions.
  • Monitor all aspects of residents care, including diet and physical activity.
  • Direct or supervise less-skilled caregivers.
  • Prepare residents for and assist with examinations or treatments.
  • Instruct individuals, families, or other staff on topics such as health education, disease prevention, and develop health improvement programs.
  • Assess the needs of residents, families, or communities, including assessment of individuals' home or work environments, to identify potential health or safety problems.
  • Prepare rooms, sterile instruments, equipment, or supplies and ensure that the stock of supplies is maintained.
  • Refer Residents to specialized health resources or community agencies furnishing assistance.
  • Consult with institutions or associations regarding issues or concerns relevant to the practice and the profession of nursing.


Minor Duties (20% to 25% of Job):


  • Demonstrates respect for and an appreciation of the heritage, values, and wisdom of the residents, and ensures the protection of their rights.
  • Demonstrates a desire/willingness to help residents when needed (but also encourages them to be as independent as possible).
  • Attends/participates/Leads in staff meetings and staff chapels.
  • Attends mandatory monthly scheduled in-services and other resident care meetings as requested
  • Assists in training of the new staff as well as maintaining your own training.
  • Creates and maintains an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest, and positive emphasis, as well as a calm, safe environment.
  • Participate in a leading strategic planning meeting (as required).
  • Act as an on-call RN on a rotation schedule. 
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