Life Experiences Coordinator

Athens, Georgia $38000.00/year


The Life Experiences Coordinator is responsible for the development and coordination of activities and programs that reflect the varied interests and gifts of the people supported by Georgia Options and provide them with meaningful and life enriching opportunities.


1. Complete POMs inventories, Person-Focused worksheets, PATHs, and/or other personal futures planning tools for each person supported, identifying strengths and goals, and identifying and remedying barriers to community involvement.

2. Develop individualized life experience plans and participate in ISP process to ensure experience goals and objectives are integrated into the individual support plan.

3. Work collaboratively with direct support professionals, behavior specialist, community support coordinators, families, and others to implement life experience plans and meet life experience goals.

4. Provide DDP (Developmental Disabilities Professional) oversight.

5. Locate, foster, and maintain viable community resources and relationships necessary to provide and nurture inclusive opportunities. Identify and advocate for solutions to help schools, organizations, businesses, and community groups become more inclusive.

6. For individuals seeking employment, provide career counseling, skills assessment, resume help, interview skills, job skill development, assistance in securing employment, on the job training, and work-related support services.

7. Cultivate matching volunteer opportunities for people supported who want to volunteer, and work with their direct support professionals to establish a positive volunteer experience for the person, the staff and the organization.

8. Establish a volunteer and intern program to expand program efforts, train future leaders and cultivate community relationships.

9. Provide leadership and promote inclusive practices, life skills development, positive relationships, and self-advocacy in agency operations and in the community at large.

10. Participate in quality assurance and other committees as needed.

11. Participate in organizational development activities.

12. Other duties as assigned.


1. Within five years each person supported will be having their richest experiences as outlined in Georgia Options’ five-year goals.

2. Georgia Options will provide customized employment support to people enrolled in our CLS services.

3. Each person supported by Georgia Options will have:

a. Individualized assessments and a formal plan for life experience in line with Georgia Options’ five year goal to have people supported living their best lives.

b. Progress monitoring and plan revisions as needed

c. Desired level of community inclusion

d. Improved quality of life

4. Georgia Options will have increased community presence and positive recognition.

5. Local communities will benefit from interactions with people supported by Georgia Options through volunteerism, employment, group membership, or other participation.


Ability to work effectively with people of diverse abilities, experiences, beliefs, and interests.

Ability to use Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, Forms, etc.)

Ability to use online databases and software.

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to conduct assessments, develop plans, collect and report data.

Ability to teach others to implement unfamiliar strategies and plans.


Bachelor’s Degree (education, social work, or other human services field AND with specialized training OR one year of experience in providing services to individuals with I/DD.

Experience working with individuals with I/DD required.

Experience with behavior support preferred.

Background in program planning preferred.

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