Purchasing Clerk
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA



The Purchasing Specialist’s responsibilities include: a) preparing purchase orders (POs) for the purchasing of materials, products, supplies, sub-rentals, and services; b) maintaining accurate records of estimated delivery dates for items purchased; c) performing inventory counts, reconciling same and providing information to the Assistant Purchasing Manager as to what adjustments are needed and why; d) receiving materials, products, supplies, sub-rentals and services into the Sage accounting system  and providing Accounts Payable with the proper documentation to enable them to match incoming invoices with materials received; e) properly labeling and stocking incoming inventory; f) processing purchase order requisitions by moving inventory and/or supplies from the warehouse and distributing same to the proper destination; and g) processing sales orders by moving inventory to the lab and/or shipping, accurately documenting quantities, serial numbers and/or lot numbers and verifying accuracy and completeness.




Immediate Supervisors:   Assistant Purchasing Manager


Workers Supervised:  None


Interrelationships:  Interacts with Inside/Outside Sales, Onsite, Accounts Payable, Rental, Manufacturing, Logistics, Shipping, and Labs on a regular basis.


III.       QUALIFICATIONS (to be hired into the position):


Education:  High school graduate


Training and Experience:  Basic computer skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, sense of urgency, ability to multi-task




Office environment (working at a computer); able to lift up to 40 pounds, walk across campus and travel to vendors’ locations as needed to pick up materials.




A.        Purchasing


1.         Reviews PO requisitions for accuracy and completeness and notates general ledger code on same; then submits completed PO requisition to Assistant Purchasing Manager for review.


2.         Records in the appropriate Material Requisition sales order those inventory items being purchased that ARE NOT for customer sales orders, and therefore, require a manual inventory to relieve inventory.  The information recorded will be: a) quantity and part number of the item being requisitioned, b) what person/department/location is requesting the item, c) the warehouse the item will be pulled from, d) the date of the requisition, and e) the buyer’s initials.


3.         Reviews reorder report for items tagged as “on a sales order,” verifying that the sales order has been approved and received by Sales Order Processing before ordering the materials.


4.         Places purchase orders for requisitioned items/services and items on reordering reports in Sage with an appropriate vendor, recording in the comment section for each line item whether the item is for the stock, a sales order, a remote location, or any other identifying information as shown on the requisition.  Additionally, inputs the warehouse in which the materials will be received.


5.         Prints and emails purchase orders to the vendors, requesting confirmation of receipt, price and estimated time of delivery (ETA).  When necessary, makes adjustments to purchase orders such as revising pricing, quantities, part numbers, etc.


6.         Monitors email for receipt of vendor acknowledgments and records estimated ship date and confirmation of pricing in Sage purchase orders and CalMapp.


7.         For items ordered for lab work, orders and records in CalMapp: a) a comment that states the items have been ordered, and b) the vendor name and purchase order number used to place the order.  Also, verifies that the current “need-by” date is shown as 2 weeks from the PO requisition date.


8.         Notifies Inside Sales when expected delivery dates of materials ordered for sales orders exceed customer’s expectations as shown on the sales order.


9.         Works with Accounts Payable personnel to solve any invoice pricing discrepancies that arise.


10.       Assists Accounts Payable with the setup of new vendors which includes:  a) requesting vendor contact information such as name, physical address, telephone number, fax number, email address, billing address, sales contact, accounting contact, etc.; b) requesting copy of vendor’sW9 form; and c) filling out new vendor setup form for submission to Accounts Payable department.


B.        Receiving


1.         Checks materials received against packing lists received to verify accuracy and completeness of all shipments and associated documentation, then stamps packing list received with date and initials.


2.         Checks the purchase order notes to confirm that pricing has been verified.  If pricing has not been verified, contacts the vendor for verification.  If verified, then receives materials into Sage system, recording serial numbers and/or lot numbers where applicable, assuring complete and accurate records of all documentation. 


3.         Prints receipt register and attach packing list to same, stamps and initials documents, and then sends appropriate documents to Accounts Payable for processing.


4.         Prints backorder fill-report with each receipt transaction to be used to process purchase order requisitions; transfers requests and sales orders in order to have the backorder fill-report available when delivering material and paperwork to staging shelf, finish a room, receiving, or shipping shelf.  Also calculates inbound freight cost for each item and records same on the sales order. (See D 2 below).


C.        Inventory


1.         Creates part numbers in Sage from documentation provided by the Inside Sales group.  Information provided would include, but not limited to, the model number, description, manufacturer’s part number, vendor, cost and list price.


2.         Prints and places inventory labels on stock items and then moves items to the inventory warehouse.


3.         Re-arranges moves and rotates inventory when needed to allow for the addition of new inventory and the pulling of the oldest inventory first.  Also, labels and re-labels inventory shelves when required.


4.         Performs daily cycle counts and reconciles same, providing the necessary adjustment quantities to the Assistant Purchasing Manager in a timely manner.


5.         Participates in End of Year inventory count in the Baton Rouge ESL warehouse to assure accurate documentation of end-of-year inventory.  This includes counting inventory and reconciling discrepancies.


D.        Order Processing


1.         Retrieves sales orders from Sales Order email and records receipt of same; pulls from available inventory and records quantities in sales order; prints calibration and/or delivery labels and labels equipment; then delivers material and paperwork to staging shelf, finish a room, receiving or shipping shelf per internal procedures.


2.         Processes backorder fill reports by applying inventory to appropriate sales orders and delivering material and paperwork to staging shelf, finish a room, receiving, or shipping shelf.


3.         Fills any open purchase order requisitions, placing materials and paperwork on runner’s shelf for delivery to appropriate person and/or department, and recording in the appropriate Material Requisition sales order the receipt of any inventory items which ARE NOT for customer sales orders, and therefore, require a manual adjustment to relieve inventory. Makes copies of completed PO requisitions and gives same to Assistant Purchasing Manager as backup documentation to any necessary manual inventory adjustments, or for forwarding to Accounts Payable to allow for charge outs to other departments and/or locations.


4.         Processes inventory transfer requests from remote locations which include acknowledging receipt of the request, pulling inventory, creating a packing list, moving inventory to the appropriate staging area (either finish room or shipping department), and notifying the requestor upon completion.


            E.         Administrative


1.         Checks and response to emails, including the general purchasing email (purchasing@jmtest.com), in a timely and courteous manner; determines the nature of the e-mail request/communication and provides appropriate follow-up. 


2.         Attends 10-15 minute daily huddles, reporting on daily KPI’s (key process indicators) and actively participating in the process to assess and improve department operations.


3.         Attends weekly Baton Rouge purchasing group meeting, actively participating in the process to assess and improve department operations.


4.         Records tasks in Purchasing docket, assuring the accuracy and clarity of the docket record to allow for efficient and effective follow-up on department priorities.


5.         Tracks KPI’s (key process indicators), assuring the measures are accurate

and up-to-date, to support the department’s efforts to pursue continuous improvement in operations.


            F.         Additional Responsibilities


1.         Creates Bills of Materials in Sage inventory system which includes the creation of the parent part number (the assembly) and listing the component items required to complete assembly.


2.         Runs production entries in Sage inventory system which adds the completed assembly into inventory and removes the component items from inventory.



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