Energy Manager Fisheries (Sector Net Zero Roadmap Analysis)

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About EfficiencyOne

Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, and Partnership.

EfficiencyOne is a leading efficiency enterprise. We work with a number of outstanding partners to supply cost-effective energy efficiency and carbon mitigation services in Nova Scotia and beyond. 

We transform the way people use energy. Together, we help people achieve their energy goals, save money, conserve resources, improve well-being, and combat climate change.

Investing in energy efficiency comes with many benefits—lower heating bills, more comfortable spaces, new jobs in your community, and a smaller overall carbon footprint.

To date, our work has achieved over $4 billion in energy savings and contributed to 22% of Nova Scotia’s GHG emission reductions. If there’s a better way to improve energy efficiency, we’ll find it. Find out more about how we are making an impact here:

Why you’ll love working here: 

  • A culture that understands there is life outside of work and cares about their employees.
  • An engaging, fun, and inclusive work environment
  • An awesome benefits package that starts on day one and a competitive salary
  • Wellness initiatives and fitness challenges are hosted throughout the year.
  • Corporate gym memberships
  • Career growth and professional development opportunities
  • Being part of a team and contributing to Nova Scotia’s goal of 2050 net-zero carbon  

Do you want to be part of an organization that has an ambitious plan to support the transition to net zero by 2050, and help to build a thriving, resilient future for Nova Scotians - then you belong here!   

The opportunity:

 We’re looking for a self-motivated passionate individual who will lead the creation of a road map to transform the way we use energy in the fisheries sector: This will be accomplished through writing comprehensive reports involving engineering analysis and research. This role will evaluate future data-driven decision-making opportunities by leading the development of a COPS-Cost of Production Management System Pilot. This work is directly supporting  ns-climate-change-plan.pdf (


Since 2020, NSDFA has worked closely with EfficiencyOne to employ an onsite energy manager (OEM) to make energy efficiency gains within the seafood processing industry and through the Provincially owned fish hatcheries.  It has been through that work, that both organizations have identified other opportunities or industries within the seafood sector, where energy efficiencies remain achievable.  It is through this partnership, that NSDFA was able to design a long-term climate change and energy efficiency strategy for the next 5-10 years and achieve the following results (to date):

  • Improving seafood operator energy efficiency by adopting new technologies and practices - 8,150,932 kWh in electrical energy saved.
  • Advancing the sector towards meeting Nova Scotia’s Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act (EGCCRA) with over 5,210 metric tonnes of C02-equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduced.
  • Improving the economic advantage of seafood sector operators with over $734,000 in electrical energy cost savings and leveraging over $812,000 in project incentives from Efficiency Nova Scotia to operators.)


Engineering Analysis and Sector Research:

  • Develop profiles for each sub-sector of the seafood industry, summarizing operations, technologies used, costs, and energy consumption.
  • Draft discussion papers on the potential for achieving climate change and sustainability milestones within the seafood sector.
  • Design and implement performance measurement systems to track progress in energy consumption, GHG emissions, and cost savings.

Cost of Production Management System (COPMS) Support:

  • Provide technical support and guidance for the development of a COPMS prototype for the seafood sector.
  • Assist in defining project milestones, scoping documents, and data collection frameworks for COPMS.
  • Coordinate projects related to COPMS implementation and provide regular reporting on results.

Communication and Business Development:

  • Lead client discovery sessions to identify and understand energy-saving opportunities and develop business cases for energy efficiency projects.
  • Support stakeholders in energy management planning and implementation of energy efficiency projects.
  • Deliver presentations and reports outlining project status, energy management opportunities, and achievements

Engineering Data Analysis:

    • Utilize production data to track energy usage and identify energy-saving opportunities.
    • Support implementation of production controls and equipment changes for energy savings.
    • Conduct technical audits and feasibility studies on energy efficiency technologies

·Other responsibilities

  • This role will from time to time support the fishery energy manager activities in the field and include contributing to the development of a new incentive program to impact the fisheries sector.

·Travelling to Client Sites

  • This role requires occasional in-person client site visits throughout Nova Scotia to collect data and meet key stakeholders. This may change at the discretion of the energy manager and/or clients depending on collaboration requirements needed to meet objectives.

What Will Help You Succeed?

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering and eligible to practice as a Professional Engineer in Nova Scotia or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
  • Minimum five years of related experience developing business cases, creating project scopes of work, and leading client discovery sessions. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal and time management skills, along with excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Minimum five years of related experience in an energy-related role with experience developing and implementing energy management programs and/or energy savings projects.
  • Practical knowledge applicable to a manufacturing environment including knowledge of energy efficiency measures specific to production.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret electrical and mechanical plans and specifications for facilities.
  • Proficient with all Microsoft Office software (PowerBI, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams)
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle.
  • Designation as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) is considered an asset. 

What to expect in the role:

In the first week, expect to:

  • Meet with the Senior Energy Manager and Services team.
  • Develop a high-level plan for the first 180 days in your role as an EM: and
  • Be prepared to read! EM service manual, business program manuals, protocols on measurement and verification, energy auditing guidelines, example reports from Senior Energy Managers, and examples of other organizations’ energy management plans. Ensuring you are familiar with both technical resources and reference material is critical to executing your short-term plan on-site.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Become familiar with the people and organizations within the participant organizations. Organizational awareness includes understanding people who influence projects and are familiar with the facilities and the processes i.e., procurement, budget planning, etc.
  • Get up to speed on the project deliverables and start to accumulate resources and contacts with the support of other Energy Managers and fisheries departments.
  • Meet with Efficiency NS Program Managers to get a better understanding of project incentives and program processes.
  • Meet with Senior Energy Managers to bounce ideas around on strategies and tactics that will increase your influence and impact on the account organization.
  • Participate in On-site energy audits – identify technologies and efficiency solutions to understand our current work in the sector.

In the first three months, expect to start work on:

  • Technical Report: Build scopes of both operations and employed technologies, within each of the nine segments of the Nova Scotia seafood sector, which includes a baseline measure describing:

                            the total number of operators, by segment.

                            an estimate of the total of energy use (e.g. kilo/mega-watt/hr) expended and GHG emission(s), by segment.

                             a general description of primary systems and technologies employed by each segment of the seafood sector.

       o Assess the potential for the Nova Scotia seafood sector to achieve climate change and sustainability milestones.  This will include, but                          not be limited to, ‘carbon-neutral’, and ‘Net-Zero.’

       o Design and implement a system of performance measurement and data collection to assess the ongoing progress being made within                        each distinct segment of the seafood sector, concerning advancements made in energy consumption, GHG emissions, operational cost                      savings, funding leveraged, and incentives paid.

       o Provide regular reporting and dashboarding on progress being made, concerning energy-use reductions, cost savings, GHG                                          emissions reductions, incentives received, and grant/loan funding received. 

  • Cost of Production Management System (COPMS) prototype:  Provide technical support to (COPMS), to monitor and evaluate energy consumption, and identify opportunities for cost reduction/recovery, and resource usage for a select number of seafood industry participants.

       o Determine the milestones and Department/Industry Dependencies for effectively designing, building, and integrating a Cost of                                     Production Management System for the NS Seafood Sector, that sets measurable quality and performance goals.

       o  Provide technical support and strategic guidance to the necessary stakeholders, to develop a framework for data collection that will                            support the ongoing facilitation of the Cost of Production Management System.

       o  Provide technical support and strategic guidance to the co-ordination of projects carried out to create, implement, and integrate cost                        of production modules for the province’s seafood sector.

       o  Coordinate or provide knowledge transfer to NSDFA staff and industry reps, on the function and maintenance of data repositories and                      systems required to ensure the quality and performance standards are maintained for the COPMS.

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