Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Harmony DC PCS Washington, DC

Job Goal: Provides leadership to the Harmony DC PCS to meet all local, state, and federal guidelines as well as to implement the district’s mission and vision across the system and the community.


o       Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.

o       Minimum 3 years of experience as a school administrator (experience at Harmony Public Schools (HPS) Model school systems is preferred).

o       Master’s degree (Required)


o       Understands and supports the mission and vision of Harmony DC PCS.

o       Helps the Board determine Harmony DC’s values, mission, vision, and short- and long-term goals.

o       Helps the Board monitor and evaluate Harmony DC’s relevancy to the community, its effectiveness, and its results.

o       Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of Harmony DC and on all the important factors influencing it. Identifies problems and opportunities and addresses them; brings those which are appropriate to the Board and/or its committees; and, facilitates discussion and deliberation. Informs the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems and activities in order to facilitate policy-making. Recommends policy positions.

o       Keeps informed of developments in human services, not-for-profit management and governance, philanthropy and fund development.

o       Supervises and evaluates the principal; serves as liaison between the principal and the Board; works with the principal to resolve school-based concerns and problems; assists the principal and teachers in striving for maximum student achievement.

o       Supervises the principal in analyzing school achievement data and to discuss implications for curriculum and instructional needs.

o       Assures the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitors compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

o       Provides general oversight of all Harmony DC activities, manages the day-to-day operations, and assures a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.

o       Assures program quality and organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation.

o       Assures a work environment that recruits, retains and supports quality staff and volunteers. Assures process for selecting, development, motivating, and evaluating staff and volunteers.

o       Ensures implementation of federal, state, and local mandated programs in relation to school site instructional and operational programs.

o       Recommends staffing and financing to the Board of Directors. In accordance with Board action, recruits personnel, negotiates professional contracts, and sees that appropriate salary structures are developed and maintained.

o       Specifies accountabilities for management personnel (whether paid or volunteer) and evaluates performance regularly.

o       Helps the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities and that of its committees and individual members, and helps evaluate performance regularly.

o       Works with the Board President / Chair to enable the Board to fulfill its governance functions and facilitates the optimum performance by the Board, its committees and individual Board members.

o       With the Board President / Chair, focuses Board attention on long-range strategic issues.

o       Manages the Board’s due diligence process to assure timely attention to core issues.

o       Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

o       Oversees the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting and audit.

o       Works with Board to ensure financing to support short- and long-term goals.

o       Assures an effective fund development program. Helps guide and enable the Board, its fund development committee(s) and its individual Board members to participate actively in the fund development process. Helps the Board and its development committee design, implement and monitor a viable fundraising plan, policies and procedures. Participates actively in identifying, cultivating and soliciting donor prospects. Assures the availability of materials to support solicitation. Assures the development and operation of gift management systems and reports for quality decision-making.

o       Facilitates the integration of Harmony DC into the fabric of the community by using effective marketing and communications activities.

o       Acts as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for issues relevant to Harmony DC, its services and constituencies.

o       Serves as chief spokesperson for Harmony DC, assuring proper representation of Harmony DC to the community.

o       Initiates, develops, and maintains cooperative relationships with key constituencies.

o       Works with legislators, regulatory agencies, volunteers and representatives of the not-for-profit sector to promote legislative and regulatory policies that encourage a healthy community and address the issues of Harmony DC’s constituencies

o       Performs other duties assigned.


o       Knowledge of curriculum and instruction, human resources, financing, facilities planning/management, and school operations.

o       Knowledge of HPS curriculum model

o       Knowledge of selection, training, and supervision of personnel

o       Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms with all levels of management.

o       Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships both internal and external.

o       Ability to use computer including software, database used by the district, spreadsheet and word processing software, calculator, copy machine and telephone.

o       Ability to analyze data

o       Ability to use effective interview techniques, effective public speaking skills, and problem-solving skills



o       Light Work: may require occasional light lifting.

o       Nights and weekend activities will be occasionally required.

o       Position is in office setting and may involve prolonged work at a desk in one location.

o       Moderate travel is required.

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