Valley Dairy has always represented quality and value from our premium ice cream to our family of Valley Dairy Restaurants and we welcome like-minded individuals to come and join our team! MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION Primary Responsibilities 
  • Make a profit based on the budget guidelines of food cost, labor cost, and supply cost.
  • Control costs on a daily basis utilizing the manager tools referenced in the operations manual.
  • Record and complete same day sales reports.
  • Monitor food production for accuracy and quantity.
  • Monitor shift labor hours based on budget.
  • Utilize the clipboard management procedures to provide a healthy, safe and productive environment.
  • Hire positive and friendly people.
  • Use progressive discipline and documentation procedures as outlined in the manual
  • Control cash, bank deposits and follow deposit guidelines.
  • Maintain backdoor and office door security.
  • Monitor floor service by performing table visits and reviewing check times.
  • Report to the district manager any and all issues affecting your business on a daily or weekly basis.
  • The manager must use the tools provided in the operations manual (see manager tools in section 1).
  • The manager must work a minimum of 45 hours per week under normal circumstances. (Normal means without severe or problematic staffing or service issues causing customer declines and /or sales declines). The company reserves the right to alter these minimum hours at any time.
  • Oversee the training and development of hourly and supervisory subordinates.
  • Review the training material as prescribed in the manual.
  • Maintain the condition of equipment by following extra cleanup work charts and teaching employees to handle equipment properly. Maintain repair logs and coordinate with the maintenance technician.
  • Maintain a communication log and prepare a weekly meeting with supervisors to get feedback and set goals.
  • These duties and responsibilities are intended to give the manager a clear direction and purpose and may be adjusted by a company memo throughout the year.
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