Regional Intelligence Program Manager

Southeastern Massachusetts Regional 911 District Foxborough, Massachusetts $55000.00 to $85000.00 per year

This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of a new Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Homeland Security Intelligence program.  This program will be developed to work in lockstep with all other homeland security region council-represented public safety disciplines, including fire, ems, public health, 911, police, public works, and emergency management. This position is a full-time government position that is grant funded with funding for one year; the position has funding for reauthorization for a second full year. This position may be renewed indefinitely based on the need and success of the program and may be funded by other sources.

This position will have responsibilities throughout the entire Southeastern Massachusetts Homeland Security Region. Intelligence Program Priorities:

  • Enhancing information and intelligence sharing and cooperation with federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 
  • Enhancing cybersecurity 
  • Combating domestic violent extremism 
  • Addressing emergent threats (e.g., transnational criminal organizations, unmanned aircraft systems [UASs], weapons of mass destruction [WMD], etc.) 


The primary role of the regional intelligence program is to collect, database, analyze, correlate, and digest information and data collected through routine reporting and daily operations to identify trends, gaps, and vulnerabilities in support of the SHSP National Priority Areas. Additionally, this program will use conventional methods to collect and digest OSINT, SIGINT, IMINT and HUMINT to detect, predict and prevent acts of terror or crime.  Additionally, this position will develop and manage a health intelligence program to track developing public health threats.  This position will be heavily involved with the intelligence aspects of cybersecurity and will maintain close liaison with regional and state cyber security programs.  

    • Develop and administer a secure method for collecting and distributing pass-though intelligence products to authorized personnel with a need to know.  
    • Develop and administer a secure method for collecting information and data and producing intelligence products.  
    • Develop and administer a secure method for communicating information and data to authorized partner intelligence agencies and organizations. 
    • Develop and administer a secure method of receiving and responding to FIRs, threat assessments, event/incident briefings and similar processes.  
    • Develop and administer a secure method of collecting and digesting health intelligence from agencies, hospitals and organizations in the region, neighboring regions and the state and federal level.  
    • Develop, implement, and manage a CIKR intelligence program.  
    • Proficient in legacy and emerging public safety technologies such as CAD, RMS, CCTV, AI, shot detection, surface radar, weather systems, direction finding, threat detection robotics, drone operations etc.  
    • Strong proficiency of CBRNE fundamentals including clandestine lab awareness, bomb making material awareness and hazmat operations.  
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