MAIN FUNCTIONS: Responsible for cleanliness of all china, glass, silver, pots and pans,
back of the kitchen and dumpster area.

1. Must be able to stand, walk and stay on his/her feet for prolonged periods of
time. This could be up to four hours without a break period to sit down.
2. Lift up to 50 pounds at a given time.
3. Must be able to multi-task.

Be punctual to begin your work
Wear proper uniform (Batch & Brine tee-shirt, cap or bandana, non-tattered
jeans, apron, and slip-proof restaurant shoes).
Maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times, facial hair must be well
trimmed, nails must be clean and trimmed, no excessive jewelry
Responsible for the sanitation of all dishes, glassware and silverware
Responsible for the cleanliness of the dishwashing machine
Responsible to maintain proper levels of the dish machine chemicals and
sanitation fluids
All pots and pans are to be washed following the proper procedures, pre-soak,
wash, rinse, sanitize
Responsible for the organization of the dish room
Responsible for providing and re-stocking the kitchen line with plates, soup
bowls, soup cups, salad plates, monkey dishes
Responsible for re-stocking bar and food servers area with glassware, silverware,
empty buss tubs
Responsible for the cleanliness of all the kitchen floors, freezer and refrigerators
Responsible for the cleanliness of all cooking and baking equipment i.e., oven,
alto sham, mixing equipment
Responsible for back areas, dumpster area, card box container and trash
Responsible for the cleanliness of guest restrooms
Responsible for the cleanliness of the parking lot
Responsible for reporting all chemical shortages to keep up with inventory for
proper ordering
Report any breakage of dishes for replacement
Take out garbage and card box container for pick-up every scheduled date and
make sure to ask Managers for help when needed.
Make sure to take your breaks on time and return from your breaks on time.
Punch in & out appropriately.
You are required to work over time, if needed
Complete any other assigned tasks willingly as designated by management
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