Customer Relations Specialist
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA


Job Analysis and Description


The general purpose of the Customer Relations Specialist position is to assist customers with previously calibrated equipment in maintaining the equipment. This position primarily interacts and communicates with customers by responding to any request for products or services, answering any inquiries or addressing any concerns, always with the goal of ensuring overall customer satisfaction.


Immediate Supervisor(s): Inside Sales/Rental Manager and Inside Sales/Rental Assistant Manager.

Workers Supervised: None

Interrelationships:  The position works with other team members to ensure the customer has a positive experience with JM Test Systems. The team members with whom the Customer Relations Specialist works most closely include: other members of Inside Sales and Rental (For any quotes the customer may need and to communicate any feedback/issues before contacting customer), Outside Sales representatives (to communicate any feedback/issues after contacting customer), Marketing (to give any testimonials to, to send materials to), Lab Managers (to communicate any feedback/issues that may arise) and Accounts Receivable (to communicate any credits that may be issued).

 JM promotes a team like atmosphere at all times. It takes every team member to ensure this division runs smoothly. 


Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

Training and Experience:  Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry is highly desirable for this critical position. However, experience in other industries is acceptable as well.

Abilities Required: Requires excellent customer service skills, interpersonal communication skills (both written and verbal), and organizational skills. Must be able to establish and develop relationships with customers and vendors. Should be able to learn quickly, work in a fast paced environment, multitask, and respond to customers with a sense of urgency. Will need basic computer skills, as well as experience in Microsoft Office.


Physical requirements for this position include but not limited to the following:

l Sitting or standing for possibly long periods of time.

l Holding a phone handset or headset to interact with customers for possibly long periods of time.

l Walking to the various departments within the JM Company Corporate compound which will involve exposure to the outside elements. 

l Working in close proximity to fellow Rental/Inside Sales Team.

l Continuous computer data entry.

l Must have attention to details.

l Must be able to multitask and have an adaptive work ethic in order to meet constantly evolving demands from customers.


 A. Recalibration Follow-Up

  1. Queries equipment report in CalMapp and calls customers in a courteous manner to request the return of overdue equipment, documenting the customer contact and its result.   
  2. Updates customer contact information as needed. Inputs customer contact information into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, including name, contact person, e-mail, telephone numbers and the physical location (address).
  3. Records (logs) all contact with customers in CRM using the CRM outlook button on the toolbar to assure a complete and accurate record of customer history is available at all times.
  4. Keeps track of increase or other changes to customer values and reports on average customer values quarterly, or as requested.

B.Inactive Accounts

1. Follows up with accounts that have not done business with us in over one (1) year, determining the status of customer and reason for inactivity,  attempting to re-engage customer if possible, and updating customer information in CRM.

C. Customer Complaint Log (CCL)       

 1. Records customer complaints in the CLL on Wiki, proving sufficient details regarding the nature of the complaints as well as all complaints details such as dates, equipment in question, personnel, etc.

 2. Sends weekly reports on CCL log per internal procedures to designated personnel to keep Company managers aware of specific complaints and complaint trends.

D. Marketing Support

1.     Prepares and sends care packages to customers who have made complaints or had other issues with JMTS service, personnel or equipment to reaffirm our commitment to quality service and to nurture our business relationship with the client.

2.  Prepares and sends referral packages to customers and/or prospective customers to expand potential contacts for the purpose of growing business and nurturing excellent customer relationships.

3.  Mails JMTS catalogs to customers upon request, assuring accurate mailing information is used and recording the mailing as a customer contact in CRM.   


JM Test Systems, Inc. is committed to diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

 The above Job Description is a written statement of facts describing the scope, responsibilities and organizational relationships of this position as it is today.  It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization. 

 This job description is subject to change as JM Test Systems evolves, and in no way implies that this description includes all the duties associated with the position.  Job duties related to this position may be added/removed from the job description as needed.

 JM Test Systems, Inc. depends on their employees to assess their current positions and update their position description as duties change, responsibilities increase/decrease, technology improvements occur, or as a result of any other factors which may impact the success of such position.

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