PRN Field RN- National Nursing & Rehab- Austin, TX

Responsible to:

Nurse Supervisor/ Supervising RN

Directly Supervises and Evaluates:

Licensed Practical Nurses and Home Health Aids Assigned to the same clients as the nurse.


Provides and directs the provision of home nursing care, based on agency policies and procedures, through the competent application of the nursing process.


1.Provides services requiring and specialized nursing skill, in accordance with the plan of treatment signed by the physician and makes the initial evaluation visit to the client. Accepts only clients referred by the client care manager or designee. Demonstrates competency in all skills required for the agency, including but not limited to, venipunctures, infusion therapy device care, wound care and aseptic technique.

2.Evaluates, and regularly reevaluates the nursing needs of the client; initiates, develops, implements and makes necessary revisions to the client’s plan of care. Assesses the client’s continual care needs. Addresses all problems in the plan of care or documents rationale for not doing so.

3.Initiates diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures as appropriate to the clients care safety. Makes referrals to other disciplines as indicated by the client’s needs or documents rationale for not doing so.

4.Observes signs and symptoms and reports to the physician and/ or other appropriate health professionals as often as needed, or upon changes in the client’s condition.

5.Teaches supervises and counsels the client and family regarding home nursing procedures and other care needs as appropriate to the client’s condition. Utilizes agency educational material as appropriate.

6.Coordinates the total plan of care and maintains continuity of client care by liaising with other health professionals assigned to the same clients. Attends client care conferences. Initiates client care conferences for complex and/ or multidisciplinary clients whenever needed.

7.Supervises and teaches the LPN/ LVN and home health aide. Every two weeks, assesses the client’s need for unskilled care and revises the plan of care as appropriate. Communicates the plan of care changes to the aide and scheduler as often as necessary.

8.Develops, prepare and maintains individualized client care progress records with accuracy, timeliness and according to polices. Submits accurate documentation within one working day of visit.

9. Responsible for following all policies and procedures of the agency regarding service delivery, documentation and care coordination. During supervisory visits exhibits full compliance and verbalizes knowledge of agency polices including but not limited to client education, infection control, management of hazardous wastes and age-specific behaviors for clients.

10.Participates in the agency’s quality improvement program.



Demonstrates initiative and skills in planning and organizing work

1.Demonstrates a desire to set and meet objectives and to find increasingly efficient ways to perform tasks.

2.Completes work, care and documentation with accuracy within agency time frames.

3.Requires minimal supervision and is self-directed.



Demonstrates organizational awareness and commitment

1.Understands and appropriately applies the chain of command in relation to own job position.

2.Knows and understands the agency mission in relation to own job position.


Observes confidentiality policy at all times

1.Protects and honors customer and coworker confidentiality.

2.Respects customers’ and coworkers’ right to privacy.

Observes attendance and attire polices

1.Meets attendance and punctuality expectations.

2.Demonstrates cooperation with requests to meet agency needs.

3.Consistently adheres to agency dress code.

Complies with all other related policies, procedures and requests

1.Recommends and/ or supports changes to policies and procedures.

2.Demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures applicable to own job positon.

3.Adheres to policies and procedures. Honors requests of management for interim rules.

Conserves agency resources

1.Maintains agency property, supplies and equipment in a manner that demonstrates accountability.

2.Maintains the work area to reduce the likelihood for safety hazards and to enhance its general appearance.



Demonstrates interpersonal understanding and utilizes effective communication skills

1.Considers effects of words and actions on others.

2. Utilizes listening skills that indicate understanding and promote accurate interpretation of others’ concerns, motivations and feelings.

3. Recognizes the influence of beliefs and cultures on behaviors and accepts strengths and limitations in others.

4. Works toward resolution of interpersonal conflicts as they arise.

5. Recognizes when others are in need of information, assistance or direction and consistently offers and provides help.

6. Attends and participates positively in meetings.

7. Regularly reads and appropriately applies information to practice.

8. Uses words that express respect, patience and understanding in interactions with others.

9. Acknowledges other verbally and nonverbal (eye contact, expression, tone of voice) promptly and courteously.

10. Follows appropriate phone etiquette.


Exhibits behaviors of cooperation 

1.Develops cooperation and collaborative work efforts that general benefits all involved parties.

2. Demonstrates the initiative to meet the needs of the agency by assisting coworkers when load permits.


Continuing education and personal/ professional development responsibilities

1.Maintains personal health status requirement in relation to job position

2. Maintains professional licensure/ certification (if applicable).

3. Maintains current personnel file information and provides information to agency in timely manner.

4. Sets own development challenges and volunteers to learn.

5. Assists with orientation of new personnel.

6. Adheres to agency infection control and safety polices, including education, reporting, and practice implementation specific to job position.

7. Attends agency provided in-service programs to fulfill requirements of position and agency polices.


Exhibits adaptability, flexibility, self-control and maturity in work and behavior

1.Maintains stable performance and emotions when faced with opposition, pressure and/ or stressful conditions.

2. Recognizes codependency issues in care giving roles and exercises caution in relationship to maintain objectivity.

3. Develops work relationships that honor and respect others’ strengths and abilities.


Service Excellence 50% of yearly evaluation

1.Shows courtesy, compassion and respect.

2. Communicates with all individuals appropriately, while maintaining confidentiality.

3. Contributes to teamwork, and harmonious working relationships.

4. Supports and demonstrates continuous improvement of quality and service.

5. Shares ideas and suggestions.

6. Participates in projects.

7. Participates in problem solving.

8. Reports problems, unusual events appropriately.

9. Demonstrates behavior that promotes professionalism and self-development.

10. Participates in educational programs/ seminars.

11. Promotes cost consciousness.

12. Displays professional appearance.

13. Promotes professional environment, including emphasis on cleanliness and safety.



Exhibit critical thinking abilities and applies them for continuous improvement of services and the agency

1.Uses own knowledge and experience base and other resources as necessary to make logical decisions and solve problems.

2. Continuously analyze work process and makes suggestions for improvement.



1.Degree in nursing (A.D.N. or B.S.N) from a program accredited by the National League for Nursing.

2. Licensed to practice professional nursing in the state.

3. Minimum of one year of nursing experience required.

4. Knowledge and Abilities:

a. Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to and communicate with primary population served by the agency, and to lesser degree the secondary populations served.

b.Demonstrated knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span.

c.Able to assess data reflecting the client’s status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each client’s requirements relative to their age-specific needs.



Home visits daily. Weekly office meetings.

Must have reliable transportation and agency required liability insurance. 

Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License*

*Compact licensure excluded


Must be able to adapt to client status and needs, as directed. Schedule changes daily due to staffing, client condition, new clients, etc. Must be on-call through rotation schedule.



Possible infections from clients. Possible auto accident. Possible unsafe neighborhoods.


Regency Integrated Health Services is an EEO employer - M/F/Vets/Disabled
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