Shipping Clerk
JM Test Systems Baton Rouge, LA

I.                   JOB SUMMARY


This position reports to the Shipping Manager and will complete the basic functions of day- to-day shipping operations. This position is an integral part of JM Test Systems due to the fast-paced, high-volume, high-demand nature of the function and its focus on equipment care and delivery for the company. The shipping clerk will work within the shipping department to complete the processes in regards to packing, securing, shipping, record-keeping, problem-solving, and the safe delivery of the customer’s items. The shipping clerk must be a flexible person in order to meet the ever fluctuating demands that are required on a daily basis.


II.                JOB RELATIONSHIPS 


Immediate Supervisor(s):  Shipping Manager


Workers Supervised: N/A


Interrelationships:  The Shipping Clerk will work directly with nearly every department in JM. JM customers’ equipment and paperwork are handled by over 12 different departments and, of those twelve departments, the shipping clerk will interact with six different departments on a daily basis. Knowledge of these departments is the key to success as it will help the clerk complete the job to the best of their ability. These departments include: Accounts Receivable, Receiving, Quality Assurance, Rental, Purchasing, and Sales.




Education:  Required: High School Diploma (or equivalent).


Knowledge, Skills, Training and Experience 

·         Warehouse experience dealing with shipping and receiving functions is preferred.

·         Basic understanding of Microsoft Office tools is needed and the ability to learn multiple computer portals that are used to complete everyday functions.

·         The employee should be aware of the ebbs and flow of business and should be responsive to advice from management in order to thrive in our growing business.    

·         Experience with customer relations or customer service is desired.

·         Previous experience in packaging boxes is desired but not required. A good memory will be necessary in order to process the high level of paperwork accompanying the work throughout the week.

·         A high level of conscientiousness and excellent attention to detail are needed in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and be responsive to shifting priorities throughout the workday.

·         Experience in driving a forklift is desired.

·         Must know how to utilize a tape gun and properly package a wide range of equipment to ensure safe delivery.

·         Must have knowledge of all software that applies to shipping a package small package or motor freight (UPS online and UPS WorldShip, FedEx online and FedEx ShipManager.

·         Must know all codes, service levels and reference requirements for shipping packages.

·         Other characteristics desired: Punctual, hard-working, self-motivated, success-oriented, empathetic to internal and external customers, attentive to detail, calm, rational, good at problem-solving, able to work independently, able and willing to ask for help when needed, highly motivated to learn, and will to place the needs to the business and its customers above personal preferences. 



·            Works primarily inside of a warehouse but will have to move in and out of the building throughout the day.

·            Frequently lifts/moves equipment and boxes up to 50lbs.

·            Frequently moves equipment over 50lbs with help of a dolly or cart. Must be able to operate a forklift and must be able to transport and palletize any equipment over 150lbs.

·            Environment is fast paced, loud, and will be physically taxing throughout the day.

·            Must be able to lift and stock packaging materials.

·            Must be able to sit down for at least 30 minutes at a time.

·            Walking to and from office buildings with paperwork, equipment, and boxes to common; must be able to use a wagon, dolly, golf cart, forklift, or company vehicle. (Must be able to perform all tasks cited above in any kind of weather conditions.)

·            Must be able to multitask and have an adaptive work ethic in order to meet constantly evolving demands from customers.




(See attachments to job description: Shipping Clerks’ Daily Procedures and Clerks’ Training Checklist)   


A.        Receiving (Small Package and Motor Freight)

1.                  Receives boxes that are shipped in from UPS, FedEx, USPS, any other domestic/international carriers, and/or drop-offs from local vendors that contain customer equipment, rental returns, and purchased items, accurately documenting receipt and securing shipments.

2.                  Tags all customer equipment that is returned for repair or calibration, and inputs relevant data into JM Test Systems software in a timely and accurate manner.  

3.                  Receives rental returns that the customer ships to JM Test Systems at conclusion of use, accurately recording returns and verifying contents of returned items.

4.                  Matches packing lists with items purchased by JMTS and delivers to designated area.

5.                  Receives customer equipment that is being returned from the factory, accurately recording returns and verifying contents of returned items.

6.                  Unloads all freight trucks with either the forklift or manually as necessary, assuring the safety and security of personnel, materials and equipment as well as the verification of freight content and storage/delivery of freight to the correct location.   

7.                  Manages incidents of missing or damaged goods, contacting customers, taking pictures of damage, and/or filing claims for any equipment that is missing or damaged during shipment or during unloading.

8.                  Reviews customers’ Special Request (S/R) forms in regards to any shipment and receiving specifications, verifying accuracy and maintaining appropriate records.

B.        Boxing (Small Package and Motor Freight)

1.                  Retrieves and transports equipment from the “finished and Quality Assurance” rooms to prepare them for shipping, exercising care and attention to detail to assure accuracy of records and safety and security of personnel and equipment.

2.                  Boxes equipment from sales orders, work orders, rental orders and promotional items for the safe and accurate shipment of items to land-based locations and for offshore deliveries as needed, assuring appropriate packaging for mail and freight delivery.  

3.                  Palletizes heavy and/or extremely large equipment that is outside the normal standards for small package freight, assuring a safe and secure load as well as accurate records of all palletized equipment.  

4.                  Verifies customers’ S/R forms regarding shipping/boxing specifications and shipment content to assure customer satisfaction and error/incident free shipments.   

C.        Shipping (Small Package and Motor Freight)

1.                  Coordinates drop-offs and pick-ups with 3rd party freight companies for both domestic and international shipments, assuring timely and accurate deliveries and efficient multiple party coordination.  

2.                  Provides accurate and timely freight quotes (pricing, time and transit) for any carrier and for any piece of equipment going both domestic and international.

3.                  Complies with all regulations and guidelines for international shipments, including Schedule B numbers, ITN, AES, ITAR, and any equipment being shipped that has licenses.

4.                  Complies with all capabilities and restrictions for which JM Test Systems is responsible related to hazardous material (hazmat) shipments (gases, liquids, and lithium batteries that fall under HAZMAT and dangerous goods categories) for UPS and FedEx.

5.                  Verifies customer Purchase Orders (POs) for correct delivery address, service type, and billing methods; and reviews all internal paperwork used for shipping equipment or other items to our customers or other JM locations to assure accuracy of information.

6.                  Reviews invoices and matches invoice descriptions with packages, assuring invoice and package content accuracy.

D.        Miscellaneous and Other Duties

1.                  Maintains a clean work environment both in the office and in the outside staging area.

2.                  Maintains packaging inventory and reorders supplies through our purchasing department to assure adequate supplies for daily activities.

3.                  Develops and maintains thorough knowledge of the runner position and performs runner job duties as needed.

4.                  Performs other duties such as “lock up” duties on a recurring basis (for example, every few weeks) once regular duties have been completed and work experience allows for additional training.



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