Security Manager - Full time

Cash & Ace Casinos Calgary, AB $60000.00 per year

Job Overview

The Security Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring, and updating of Casino Security ‘Policies and Procedures’ to ensure adherence to AGLC ‘Terms and Conditions’ and Casino ‘Risk Management’ objectives.

 Responsibilities and Duties

·       Responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring, and updating of the Casino’s ‘Emergency Plan’.

·       Responsible for the development and implementation of Casino staff and public safety programs and materials.

·       Administrator of Casino access control systems (electronic and key) and Casino electronic key lock-up.

·       Manage Casino staff identification standards and procedures, including the staff photo library.

·       Ensure all security systems and equipment are maintained in good working order and recommend any upgrades required.

·       Conduct emergency equipment audits and correct any deficiencies.

·       Conduct general safety inspections and take corrective actions.

·       Responsible for Casino alarm systems and responses; emergency medical services and supplies.

·       Ensure safe transfer and storage of money and chips while on the floor, in cash cages, vaults, etc.

·       Ensure safe storage of cards, dice and chips.

·       Ensure all incident reports are prepared in a complete and comprehensive manner in electronic form.

·       Ensure all AGLC reporting requirements are met (i.e.  AML, SE re-entries, etc.)

·       Act as the main security contact with AGLC.

·       Responsible for the overall in-house management and implementation of AGLC’s SE program.

·       Responsible for the security and access control to the AGLC in-house server room.

·       Main contact person for AGLC investigations conducted by the Investigations Division.

·       Conduct ‘Security Reviews’ with AGLC Inspectors and ensure required follow-up actions are implemented and concluded to AGLC’s satisfaction.

·       Develop and maintain good working relationships with AGLC (enforcement/investigation/inspection personnel).

·       Develop and maintain good external relations with emergency services (fire/police/EMS). Conduct all internal criminal and liability investigations.

·       Responsible for Casino liability mitigation.

·       Work with insurance company claim investigators and lawyers on Casino litigation matters.

·       Settlement of all Security related non-court claims against the Casino.

·       Responsible for gaining and collecting restitution settlements on behalf of the Casino.

·       Responsible for the department planning and budget control.

·       Responsible for department payroll and salary administration.

·       Ensure all staff are trained to meet all AGLC standards and maintain their certifications.

·       Prepare and submit all department AGLC gaming worker registrations and ensure staff remain in good standing.

·       Conduct all department disciplinary actions. Oversee the hiring of new staff.

·       Ensure all staff are cognizant of arrest, detention and search procedures and limitations.

·       Ensure all staff are fully aware of and trained in all aspects of the Department’s operations and requirements.

·       Ensure all staff maintain a high level of professionalism, appearance, and customer service.

·       Responsible for all departmental purchasing and the administration thereof.

·       Develop, implement, and monitor all security internal reporting systems.

·       Oversee all final dispositions of department-banned persons and maintain a visual record of all Casino banned persons.

·       Develop good working relationships with other Casino department managers and staff.

·       Support the Casino team building and positive cultural initiatives.

·       Provide support to Casino management teams as needed in regard to security, health and safety.

 Education and Experience

  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience in the supervisor/management role in the Security department

·       Experience in the Casino industry will be considered a strong asset.

·       Computer literate with intermediate functionality in Microsoft Office software.

Skills and Abilities

·        Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

·       Flexibility in time allocation.

·       Organizational abilities and strong time management skills.

·       Creative ability to foster new and better ways to perform and succeed.


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