Magna Service Agency was incorporated in 2008. As a local company we pride ourselves on the safety of our employees, clients, and most importantly the community. In the beginning our main focus was on traffic control utilizing check points along the designated routes to relay when traffic was heading toward our location. Over the years and with the partnership with our clients we added vehicle escorts. This has tremendously improved our relationship within the community as now we had a solution to keep traffic in small manageable convoys while also maintaining a safe speed within the operating area. Whether you’re just doing a small roofing job or needing to move over 400 trucks a day we have the solutions to make sure it is done in an efficient and safe manner.

Magna also has a well-equipped over-sized load escort team. Our fleet is new and efficient with our oldest vehicle being a 2015. Our team offers a multiple of solutions whether you need assistance with route planning or need vehicles on short notice, we give you peace of mind that we can handle your load from start to finish. Magna has employees who are Washington and New York State Certified and you may feel confident that you do not need to continually change escorts because of the lack of ability to escort in all the states. We are authorized and certified in all 48 contiguous states.

Whether you need flaggers, escorts, or over-sized load escorts we are always ready to step in and give the attention your job needs. Our hard work and attention to detail will show you made the right choice by using Magna!

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