Elementary School Math Interventioinst


Elementary School Math Interventionist:18-19 SY

The Title I Math Interventionist is part of the Student Support Team at Henry Ford Academy: Elementary School. The primary responsibility is providing consistent, intensive, and targeted supplementary math instruction to struggling students. It is our belief that strong skills in mathematics are a crucial component of the essential educational foundation that we provide at HFA: Elementary School. The Title I Math Interventionist is charged with supporting students’ development of that foundation. As a member of a high performing instructional team, the Title I Math Interventionist establishes and sustains a school culture and learning environment that supports all students meeting high expectations for personal and academic achievement through a variety of professional activities and responsibilities: uses research-based best instructional practices, implements the HFA model curriculum framework, develops community partnerships, participates in professional development, participates in school-related and student-centered activities, completes all professional obligations.

Essential Functions

Teaching and Learning

- Take full responsibility for students’ learning

- Implement the HFA model curriculum framework through the unit and daily lesson plans and learning tasks

- Incorporate HFA selected best practices in lesson design, instructional strategies, and assessment

- Work closely with a teaching partner, instructional coach and grade-level team to develop and implement inter-disciplinary learning experiences

- Enhance relationships with students and the overall classroom and school experience by supporting and participating in student events and activities before and after school

- Maintain a learning-focused, safe environment in the classroom and common school spaces

- Enforce the Student Code of Conduct as necessary

Curriculum Adaptation

- Collaborate with the leadership team and curriculum adaptation team to develop inter-disciplinary themes and learning experiences specific to HFA: Elementary School 

- Establish a caseload of students based on criteria identified in the School Improvement Plan

- Plan and implement differentiated math lessons to fit the needs of the student

- Conduct quarterly assessments

- Provide consistent, intensive, and targeted instruction to that caseload

- Implement the HFA model curriculum framework through the unit and daily lesson plans and learning tasks

Implementation of HFA Model

- Provide consistent focus on and reinforcement of the Five Developmental Areas in formal and informal student events and activities

- Incorporate community resources into learning experiences for students both by bringing a variety of resources to the classroom and by taking students to those resources directly

- Provide consistent focus on and reinforcement of Public School in a Public Space and Work Place as the Learning Space

- Be an active contributor in the shared decision-making process at the team and whole staff level

Community Partnerships

- Establish and maintain strong connections with community-based organizations, cultural institutions, local and city-wide businesses

- Consistent integration of community resources from those partnerships

- Establish and maintain regular, personal contact with families and student care-givers 

Professional Development

- Participate actively in professional development workshops and sessions provided by HFA: Elementary School and the HFA Network of Schools

- Establish individual goals and work toward the accomplishment of increased professional capacity

- Maintain an attitude of continuous learning through professional reflection and active collaboration with colleagues

- Work as an active member of the HFA professional learning community

 Student Recruitment and Induction

 - Collaborate to develop specific strategies to recruit students each year

- Participate actively in planned activities to introduce the school to potential families and students

Professional Obligations

- Meet all obligations as set out in the HFA Staff Handbook

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