MAIN FUNCTIONS: Batch & Brine Bartenders are familiar with a wide variety of drink recipes and are
capable of delivering quality customer service. The Bartender will be responsible for serving patrons at our
front bar and fulfilling drink orders for the dining room, monitoring the cash drawer at the bar and
performing alcohol inventories at the end of each night to help in maintaining proper inventory levels.
Bartenders provide excellent guest drinking experiences. Good bartenders will be able to create classic and
innovative drinks exceeding customers’ needs and expectations. Minimum 2 years experience in a high
volume bar.

Collect money for drinks served and provide change as needed
Maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout the night and be able to account for any and all
discrepancies in the final drawer tally
Process guest payments and prepare guest checks
Record drink orders accurately and process transactions using the POS system
Balance the cash register at the start and close of each shift
Check guests’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age
Deliver a consistently high level of guest service and maintain a safe environment by identifying
problem guests and having them removed
Limit Guest problems by restricting alcohol intake and attempting to curtail inappropriate behavior
Limit problems related to guests' excessive drinking by following established procedures
Limit problems and liability related to guests' excessive drinking through steps such as persuading
guests to stop drinking, and order taxis or other transportation for intoxicated patrons
Cleanliness & Health
Clean glasses, utensils, and bar equipment
Clean the bar, tables, chairs, and work area to maintain a sanitary environment
Develop an efficient work pace that keeps the guests at the bar and in the dining room satisfied
Organize the bar area to streamline drink preparation and inventory
Arrange glasses and bottles into attractive and functional displays
Keep bar area clean in accordance with the company’s guidelines as well as the requirements of the
local health department
Comply with all health, safety and hygiene standards and policies
Create unique drinks
Slice, pit, and prepare fruit and vegetable garnishes for drinks
Mix and garnish cocktails according to standard specs
Mix drinks based on serving sizes outlined in the company manual to keep drink costs at a minimum
Mix ingredients -- liquor, bitters, soda, water, sugar, and fruits, to prepare cocktails and other drinks
Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in accordance with standard recipes
Prepare appetizers, such as pickles, cheese, and cold meats
Excellent Service
Take beverage orders from guests or wait staff and serve drinks as requested, paying extreme
attention to detail
Greet guests and present beverage menus
Interact with guests, take orders and serve snacks and drinks
Assess guests’ needs and preferences and make drink recommendations
Answer all related inquiries
Provide a positive and friendly guest experience by interacting with patrons
Respond promptly to requests from guests in a polite and professional fashion
Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience
Upsell drink and snack items to guests
Prepare and serve appetizers, snacks, or other food items for guests seated at the bar
Keep a well-stocked bar with an adequate supply of liquor, beer, wine, mixers, ice, napkins, straws,
glassware, and other accessories

Plan and present bar menu
Place orders for liquor, beer, wine, and other supplies
Plan, organize, and control the operations of a cocktail lounge or bar
Supervise the work of bar staff and other bartenders
Monitor and manage inventory
Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies
Resume and proven working experience as a bartender
Excellent knowledge of in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks
Ability to keep the bar organized, stocked and clean
Must be able to stand, walk, and stay on his/her feet

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