MAIN FUNCTIONS: Responsible for greeting all guests in a professional, friendly and family oriented
way before, during and after the meal period.

1. Must be able to stand, walk, and stay on his/her feet for prolonged periods of time. This could be
up to four hours without a break period to sit down.
2. Must be able to write (take names from guests) to Guest Waiting Pad, and utilize electronic Guest
Paging system -- that requires repetitive motion.
3. Must be courteous, smile frequently, and express cheerful disposition at all times.
4. Must be able to engage guests in friendly, warm and light conversation.
5. Must be able to multi-task (including use of communication via a radio head set), and control
crowds of guests coming through door and waiting to be seated, in friendly manner.

Be punctual to begin your work
Wear proper uniform (Batch & Brine tee-shirt, non-tattered jeans, and slip-proof black restaurant
shoes) at all times
Maintain a neat, clean appearance at all times
Wear and communicate through Radio headset at all times during work shift
Always ask Guests if they enjoyed their meals and always thank them and ask them to return
Maintain menu inventory
Pick up the correct number of menus, engage Guests in friendly conversation
Walk at appropriate pace for the Guests and say: “Right this way, pleaseâ€
When they arrive at the table, pull out one chair and after everyone is seated, give a menu to
each guest and say: (Server Name) will be serving you today, announce the special and tell them
to enjoy their breakfast/lunch/dinner
Collect menus each time returning to the Host station and call for bussing of any dirty tables or
spills and debris
Always call for clean up of dirty windows, debris under tables, and dirty seats
(1) “Podium Host†never leaves the podium station. The Podium Host greets all Guests, records
their tables and seating needs, communicates with the Floor Manager, with the “Scout Host†and
with the “Runner Host†regarding table needs and calling for the Runner Host to come seat the
Guests. The Podium Host also thanks all Guests who are exiting the restaurant and invites them to
return. The Podium Host is responsible for assuring that the Guests waiting area and all entry
windows are clean and free of debris. The Podium Host uses electronic Guest Paging System and
Guests Waiting Log to keep track of guest’s traffic.
(2) “Scout Host†never leaves the dining room floor. The Scout Host roams all areas of the Dining
Room and identifies tables where new guests can be seated. The Scout Host communicates with
Bussers and instructs them on tables to buss, windows to clean, and tables to reserve and
combine together for large parties. A Scout Host informs the Podium Host via Radio headset
when tables are available to signify so that the Podium Host can call the Guests. The Scout Host
assists the Floor Manager with table touching to assure that all Guests are happy. The Scout Host
uses electronic Guest Paging System and Radio headset to communicate with Podium Host on
table availability and status.
(3) “Runner Host†works between the Dining Room floor and the podium station. A Runner Host
never stands idle behind the Podium Host. The Runner Host approaches the podium only when
the Podium Host calls for a Host to come seat a Guest. Anytime a Runner Host is not seating
Guests, the Runner Host should be assisting with table touching, helping to refill water, coffee
and ice tea, helping to buss tables and clean windows, and help to set up tables for large parties.
The Runner Host uses Radio headset to communicate with Podium Host, Scout Host and Bussers.
On less busy days when three Hosts are not scheduled, the Host performs all functions of the
Podium, Scout and Runner hosts as needed.
Coordinate the turnover of tables with Floor Manager and Bussers
Help greet guests as they enter the restaurant in a friendly manner, make eye contact and say:
“Good morning/afternoon/Evening, number of guests for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Assist with restroom cleaning and restocking
Helps with the cleanliness of the entire dining area, including entry doors
If a complaint arises, handle it professionally by listening, being helpful and polite. (Remember,
the customer is always right.) Always notify a Floor Supervisor or Manager
Complete any other assigned tasks willingly as designated by management
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