Software QA Analyst

Echelon Fitness This is a remote role

Job Summary

Echelon Fitness is looking for a passionate team player to join our team of QA analysts and automation engineers. We are a connected fitness company that makes wellness fun and approachable by creating internet-enabled workout equipment with streaming content and realtime statistics. As a QA Analyst, you will be responsible for testing our mobile applications and connectivity of our workout equipment, as well as connections to third party apps or devices such as fitness watches and trackers. You will work in concert with our development teams on release cycles to ensure we have the capacity to hit our milestones with confidence that no major bugs have snuck through to production.Our analysts will get hands-on training in QA best practices, product planning, cross-functional requirements building, and automation. There are opportunities to pick up engineering skills and create QA automation and CI/CD pipeline integrations.


  • You will be embedded with our development and product teams through all phases of the release cycle. Speak up in the planning phase to ensure that full requirements and acceptance criteria are collected and adequate time is allocated for testing.

  • Create test plans to methodically work through all cases.

  • Have a deep sense of customer empathy and desire to fully understand the various user personas so that you can test and advocate for our users.

  • Insist upon thorough documentation and create easily understood reproduction steps when reporting issues.

  • Follow an agile workflow with tools like GitHub, Slack, JIRA, and Confluence.

Ideal Experience

  • Experience working with agile teams on QA testing and automation.

  • Strong knowledge of web development, iOS, Android, and related technologies.

  • Master at debugging, identifying edge cases, and narrowing down reproduction steps.

  • Using deductive reasoning and customer knowledge to be great at exploratory testing.

Bonus Points

  • Experience with test automation platforms such as Test Project, Kobiton, Selenium, Puppeteer, Cypress, Cucumber, etc.

  • Solid understanding of REST APIs, DNS, databases, cache, and HLS video streaming.

  • Know your way around the Chrome dev console and tools like Postman.

  • Have worked with XCode and/or Android Studio.

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