Line Cook (7:30 to 3pm)

Mountain Creperie OG LLC Highlands Ranch, United States (+1) $16.00 to $20.00 per hour

Line Cook


Position Summary: A Line Cook prepares hot and cold meals for presentation according to predetermined recipes and menus. Line Cooks also monitor portions, manage inventories and maintain a sanitary kitchen work area.

 Reports to: Manager

 Inspect all kitchen surfaces to ensure that all areas are safe and sanitary in accordance with food handling procedures.

P  Prepare food as directed.

P  Season and cook food according to recipes using personal judgment and experience.

P  Appropriate presentation and quality of dishes.

P  Estimate expected food consumption based on previous trends and developments.

P  Inventory, place orders and properly store, date and rotate food items.

P  Organize food storage and kitchen equipment.

P  Consult with supervisory staff to plan menus, taking into consideration factors such as costs and special event needs.

P  Supervise work of kitchen staff as directed by management.

Main Responsibilities, Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

 Customer Service: Every order is handled with a high level of professionalism and any customer complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This requires a practical knowledge of industry best practices and customer service.

Communication:  This position requires a commitment to details both verbally and non-verbally, therefore, the Line Cook must encourage cooperative and consistent levels of communication with kitchen staff, front-end staff and management. Must understand instructions, read written company memorandums and communicate with little or no additional direction.

Interpersonal Relationships: Must adapt to different personalities of clients, vendors and coworkers without losing focus. Must possess high professional ethics and avoid extreme familiarity or conflicts with others.

Leadership and Conflict Management: Must understand motivational management techniques and lead coworkers using good judgement, tact and initiative through strict adherence to directions given by superiors.

Problem Solving: Must immediately recognize potential areas of conflict and adhere to current practices and processes to maintain quality of products and services provided to the customers.

Quality Control and Priority Assessment: Determine how to best achieve the goal of not only meeting the restaurant’s specifications regarding presentation of all food prepared, but exceeding the outlined commitment to quality.

Information Gathering: Look for ways to enhance the quality of food preparation services including ingredient changes to promote the uniqueness of recipes.

Sales Techniques and Customer Influence: Must understand products, services and customer needs clearly. Must also possess related experience and become current in state-of-the-art sales methods.

Performing General Physical Activities: The Line Cook must perform physical activities in a variety of environmental conditions that require moderate to maximum strength including climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, and handling of materials. Must exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to four hours in length. Must have the ability to lift pots, pans, etc. weighing up to 40 pounds and must possess finger dexterity to use small tools adeptly. Must follow instructions carefully.

Food Preparation & Production: Knowledge of techniques and equipment for preparing and producing food for consumption, including storage and handling techniques.

Analytical Skills: Must use logic and reason to identify solutions and alternatives for a successful outcome in many situations, including cost/benefit analysis; service and product quality; and conflict resolution.

Technical Skills: Must have knowledge of budget analysis methods, general accounting skills and the ability to work in all areas of kitchen and dining areas relative to point-of-sale applications.

Flexibility: Must work overtime when needed and assist the workload of others.

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