Fire Assay Specialist / Process Engineer


Fire Assay Tech Job Description

We are a startup company searching for a Fire Assay Analyst who has experience conducting fire assays and other methods of metallurgical analysis. The candidate must possess a solid understanding and have experience with methods to determine the content of gold, silver, platinum-group metals and base metals in concentrates. The lab data will provide critical information to make determinations on methods for batch processing and materials value. The candidate may also be required to run plant scale batches through the reactors from time to time, or help with other tasks as needed. The Fire Assay Analyst can expect to work as an integral part of the production team and may be responsible for retrieving, weighing, and mixing chemical ingredients, monitoring equipment during chemical processes, and repairing machinery if problems arise; recording information about equipment and compounds, and assisting in the planning and improvement of processes. They will also be expected to comply with all company, local, state, and federal safety and quality regulations and report any concerns, violations, or accidents.

To be successful, you should be professional with a strong understanding of chemical and mechanical processes; attentive, knowledgeable and have the desire to work with the rest of the team.

The ideal candidate will have experience or knowledge of Fire Assay, and other analytical techniques for determining metals content. 


  • Performing Fire Assay on various e-scrap materials, to determine the composition of the metals
  • Keeping detailed and precise information on weights, materials, and processes. 
  • Determining methods for batch production
  • Troubleshooting issues with production equipment and processes observing all company, local, state, and federal safety and quality regulations
  • Reporting accidents, safety violations, or other concerns Assisting in planning and improving processes
  • Meeting physical requirements of the position, including walking, standing, operating tools, and wearing safety gear


  • Experience conducting fire assays (must have to be considered)
  • Understanding of metallurgical chemistry
  • College degree or equivalent industry experience
  • Computer literacy
  • Strong verbal skills
  • A desire to work with the team to improve processes in a fast-paced, demanding environment
  • Willingness to comply with safety and quality regulations including wearing protective and safety gear
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