HS Chemistry Teacher:2018-2019 School Year


As a member of a high performing instructional team, establish and sustain a school culture and learning environment that supports all students meeting high expectations for personal and academic achievement through a variety of professional activities and responsibilities: use of research-based best instructional practices, implementation of the HFA model curriculum framework, development of community partnerships, participation in professional development, participation in school-related and student-centered activities, completion of all professional obligations. 


Teaching and Learning— 

  • Take full responsibility for students’ learning 
  • Implement the HFA model curriculum framework through the unit and daily lesson plans and learning tasks 
  • Incorporate HFA selected best practices in lesson design, instructional strategies, and assessment 
  • Work closely with a teaching partner and grade-level team to develop and implement inter-disciplinary learning experiences 
  • Enhance relationships with students and the overall classroom and school experience by supporting and participating in student events and activities before and after school 
  • Maintain a learning-focused, safe environment in the classroom and common school spaces 
  • Enforce the Student Code of Conduct as necessary 

Implementation of HFA Model— 

  • Provide consistent focus on and reinforcement of the Five Developmental Areas in formal and informal student events and activities 
  • Incorporate community resources into learning experiences for students both by bringing a variety of resources to the classroom and by taking students to those resources directly 
  • Provide consistent focus on and reinforcement of Public School in a Public Space and Work Place as the Learning Space 
  • Provide a consistent emphasis on and support for college and career exploration and preparation through both formal and informal student events and activities, as well as the College and Career Readiness Report Card 
  • Provide a consistent emphasis on and support for the Senior Mastery Process and Senior Transitions College Portfolio work 
  • Facilitate a strong and effective Forum experience for students and Forum Partners 
  • Provide active instructional support through Academic Coaching 
  • Be an active contributor in the shared decision-making process at the team and whole staff level 

Community Partnerships— 

  • Establish and maintain strong connections with community-based organizations, cultural institutions, local and city-wide businesses
  • Consistent integration of community resources from those partnerships 
  • Establish and maintain regular, personal contact with families and student caregivers 

Curriculum Adaptation— 

  • Collaborate with the leadership team and curriculum adaptation team to develop inter-disciplinary themes and learning experiences specific to HFA: SCS 
  • Develop course specific daily lesson plans that align with the HFA Model Curriculum Framework under the guidance of the Instructional Coach and HFLI 
  • Participate actively with teams to develop a resource bank of College for Creative Studies and Detroit specific community assets 
  • Develop Art and Design specific electives that further the HFA model objectives for students 

Professional Development— 

  • Participate actively in professional development workshops and sessions provided by HFA: SCS, the HFA Network of Schools, and the College for Creative Studies 
  • Establish individual goals and work toward the accomplishment of increased professional capacity 
  • Maintain an attitude of continuous learning through professional reflection and active collaboration with colleagues 
  • Work as an active member of the HFA professional learning community 

Student Recruitment and Induction— 

  • Collaborate to develop specific strategies to recruit students each year 
  • Participate actively in planned activities to introduce the school to potential families and students 
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to update and implement incoming student orientation program and family workshops (Supported Transition for Educational Progress=STEP) 

Professional Obligations— 

  • Meet all obligations as set out in the HFA Staff Handbook 


REPORTS TO:   Principal 


MUST have a Bachelor’s degree, relevant Michigan Certification and be highly qualified for the position. Experience in education, target academic content area certification, and teacher leadership are critical. This position requires substantial expertise in urban education, including a proven record of effective authentic instruction, significant work with families and students as partners in learning, and integration of a wide range of unique, community resources. An evident commitment to holding all students to high expectations for academic and personal success is also a must. 


Experience in secondary schools that face instructional and material challenges is critical as is significant expertise in working with urban families, developing community partnerships and collaborative decision-making and leadership. Candidates should be comfortable operating in a flexible, self-directed and fast-paced work environment. Experience in an entrepreneurial educational environment is highly desired. 



Creative Urban Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, marital status, height, weight, age, unrelated disability or another legally protected status.

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