Middle School Learning Specialist


Job Description:

The Middle School Learning Specialist is responsible for identifying children with special needs and/or learning disabilities, working with students with disabilities individually, in groups, or within their classroom, working with teachers to identify best practices for differentiated instruction, and designing and implementing Individual Education Plans for students. In addition, the Middle School Learning Specialist shall collect, review, update and securely store student files; convene IEP/IEPT meetings and annual reviews.



Student Achievement --

  • Plan a program of study that meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students
  • Assist in establishing curricular objectives and the development of the comprehensive plan for the implementation and evaluation of the objectives
  • Implement a differentiated curriculum that is aligned with state standards and school goals
  • Focus staff on student performance through the monitoring of teacher grade books and data for special needs students
  • Assist teachers in the creation and implementation of differentiated instruction for students who are struggling 
  • Ensure that teachers set clear, measurable, attainable and rigorous performance goals for their individual students and classes as a whole 
  • Plan and co-teach with individual teachers as needed

Teacher/Staff Development and Accountability

  • Write and review reports according to the law and submit all documentation required by HFA: SCS and Michigan State and National agencies and departments
  • Meet deadlines for submitting required documentation
  • Assist teacher with the implementation of the school curriculum
  • In collaboration with administration, participate in the training of new staff around special education laws
  • Lead in the design and advertisement of professional development opportunities for the whole staff and individual staff members
  • Attend leadership meetings and provide guidance on special education related issues
  • When necessary, provide one-on-one coaching to teachers so that their students can achieve high standards
  • Keep up to date with current educational research on curriculum and instruction 
  • Manage all aspects of student database relative to Special Education

Operations and Compliance

  • Coordination and administration of standardized testing materials
  • Initiate the requisition of appropriate curricular materials for the school
  • Assist in the management of student database, school records, and school reports
  • Keep up with changes that are made to the Michigan state and National educational standards
  • Facilitate all manifestation hearings

School Environment

  • Promote high academic standards for all students
  • Together with HFA: SCS staff, plan and facilitate Forum activities/curriculum
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and promote the same level of professionalism for other staff members
  • Create an open line of communication with the faculty/staff to promote a positive, collegial atmosphere
  • Serve as a model for the staff for effective student discipline by personally demonstrating the persistence, insistence, and consistence necessary to inspire positive behavior

Parent and Community Relations

  • Monitor staff communication with parents i.e. phone calls, letters, mailings, etc.
  • Assist administration in promoting the participation of students, parents and staff in school initiated activities
  • Communicate with parents frequently about the progress and needs of students


  • Effectively communicate the mission of HFA: SCS to students, staff, parents and community members
  • Provide mentoring for new and current staff
  • Work with the leadership team to problem solve all major areas of school concern
  • Assist administration with projects as requested
  • Supervise breakfast and lunch as needed
  • Meet all obligations as set out in the HFA Staff Handbook'


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher 
  • Valid Michigan teacher certification with Special Education endorsement
  • Experience working with students with various learning disabilities and special needs
  • Experience working with students who have been educationally underserved
  • Commitment to the mission of HFA: SCS 

 REPORTS TO: Principal

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