Host / Hostess

Properly greet and seat guests with high quality customer service and hospitality. Maintain an efficient waitlist through prompt seating.

The below procedures are standard Corporate procedures that each employee position is responsible for. It does not include any site specific procedures.

General Procedures:

·         Uphold and maintain high quality customer service and hospitality at all times.

·         Always smile & acknowledge coming and going guests.

·         Professional phone skills.

·         Ability to effectively communicate and obtain problem solving skills.

·         Polite and professional at all times.


Guest Check in List Procedure:

·         Properly check-in guests according to standards and procedures.

·         Maintain an organized waitlist.


Opening Procedures:

·         Make sure that you are aware of all waitstaff sections & who is working that day.

·         Ensure coffee setup is properly prepared and maintained for outside guests; including all condiments (i.e. sugars, creamer, stir sticks, napkins & cups).

·         Always verify that restrooms are fully stocked w/supplies. Restock when needed.


During Business Hours:

·         Assist with silverware setup.

·         Assist in bussing & resetting tables, when your time is available.

·         Keep newspaper area neat and organized.

·         Keep entry rug clean and presentable.

·         Assist in keeping promo area neat and organized. Any t-shirts, hats, towels, etc. that need to be refolded, dusted off or restacked should be attended to.


Closing Duties:

·         Collect trash, consolidate bags & re-bag all trash receptacles.

·         Clean and wipe down countertops & front entry walls.

·         Clean glass on front door(s) and mirrors.

·         Maintain a clean and organized work area.

·         Clean and wipe down menus and stack neatly.


·         Water all plants as needed, use scissors to trim off any dead leaves.

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